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Lending Library

Lending Library

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The items below are almost all USED, but everything is still USEFUL!

The idea here is to let people try one of these items for a week or two, just to check out our stuff or maybe because it's needed for an upcoming trip.

The website will charge $30 to cover shipping, and we'll include a pre-paid return shipping label with the garment.

If you decide to buy the item, the cost is the price as shown. It's not necessary to pay a deposit on the garment.  Just buy it or return it pretty quickly.

Also, if you have a garment that might be useful for us to add to the lending collection, please give me a call! You can see how we handle trade-ins above, in the intro to the SPECIALS collection.

And ... people have been asking for items. So, OK ... if there is something you'd like, please send an email to Ralph@WeatherWool.com. We'll see how that works.

If you would like one of these items, please place an online order with a NOTE telling us exactly which item you want. Please put your note in the box labeled "Add a note to your order".

Because of potential import duties, taxes and higher shipping costs, the Lending Library as described above can operate only in the USA. But if you are outside the USA, we can work something out.

The listing for a garment that is "checked out", will show the order number and date it was sent, plus the first name and last initial of the person who has it. When a garment is returned that information is removed and it becomes available again.

A lot of the garments shown below are listed as New-Used. Usually this means the customer held it for longer than 10 days or so. If a customer hangs onto a garment before returning, even if it just sits in the box in a closet, we count it as Used. Also, sometimes people tell us they returned it after only one day and only wore it to go shopping and to walk the dog one night. If a garment has been taken outdoors, no matter for how short a time, we will not sell it as new, and it will be listed on the Lending Library as New-Used.

THANKS -- Ralph --- 973-943-3110 and Alex --- 862-849-8250


ALL-AROUND JACKETS (always FullWeight Fabric):

  • All-Around Jacket / XSmall / Duff. Latest Production. New-Used $750
  • All-Around Jacket / XSmall / Black. Latest Production. New-Used $750
  • All-Around Jacket / XSmall / Black. Latest Production. New-Used $750. This one spent two months traveling to France and back. It was actually never worn but the postal services were so slow ...
  • All-Around Jacket / Medium / Solid Duff Color. Latest production and basically new. Customer had it for a few months over the summer and then decided it was too small when he put it on again in November, 2021. $750. And now Debby says one of the cargo pockets is SLIGHTLY misaligned. (Dylan B / #9064 / 27 April 2022)
  • All Around Jacket / XL/ Black. Latest Production. Customer claimed he never took it out of the box but he kept it for a month so we count it as used, even though it does not seem to have been worn. $785
  • All Around Jacket / 2XL/ Black (2nd's) . Latest Production. Still brand new but a couple of the storm flap buttonholes needed to be re-sewn. Few people would even notice the additional work. $785 (# 9146 Bryce R. on 5/20/22)


  • Anorak / XXSmall / Lynx/ FullWeight - Lightly used. Latest production. $525 (Jeff C --- #9152 --- 21 May 2022)
  • Anorak / XSmall / Black / FullWeight - Lightly used. Latest production. $525
  • Anorak / XSmall / Duff FullWeight - Lightly used. Latest production. $500
  • Anorak / XSmall / Drab MidWeight - Lightly used. Latest production. $500
  • Anorak / Small / Drab FullWeight - Lightly used. Latest production. $500
  • Anorak / Small / Lynx / MidWeight Fabric. The size tag is LARGE but the chest measure is closest to Small. It seems like this was shrunk somehow, which also explains why the Fabric seems heavier than MidWeight would normally be but still not as heavy as FullWeight. A few years old with plenty of life left in it. Unique piece. $275 (Christian B --- #9156 --- 21 May 2022)
  • Anorak / XL / Duff FullWeight. Very good condition. Customer decided to switch to MidWeight. $475
  • Anorak / 2XL / Black FullWeight. Close to new condition. Customer had it for about 5 weeks then decided to switch to an All-Around Jacket. $525
  • Anorak / 2XL / Black FullWeight. Still good condition. Previous generation. $400
  • Anorak / 3XL / (inside out LYNX pattern in FullWeight!). Brand new but was sewn by accident inside out.  All our Fabrics have a front and a back, and in this case the tailors sewed the Fabric with the back of the Lynx Pattern facing out. The reverse of the Lynx Pattern is similar to Lynx, but has more lighter colors showing. Performance will be nearly identical to right-side-out!  But the softer ("napped" side. Similar to brushing) side of the Fabric is on the inside instead of the outside. $625. This is full-price because some people have been asking for us to do this! (#9129 -- Matthew L. -- 5/16/2022)

Mouton Hand Muff:

  • We do have some new ones, but nothing used now.  Sorry.

Double Hood:

  • None available now.  Sorry


  • We are making CPOs now in MidWeight Drab and MidWeight Lynx Fabrics



  • Pants / Size 42 / FullWeight Drab Fabric. Used, good condition. $200 (Christian B --- #9156 --- 21 May 2022)


23 May 2022 --- Ralph & Alex