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Lending Library

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The items below here will almost all be USED, but everything is still USEFUL!

The idea is to let people try one of these items for a week or two, just to check out our stuff or maybe because it's needed for an upcoming trip. But it's all available for purchase, too.

The website will charge $30 to cover shipping, and we'll include a pre-paid return shipping label with the garment.

If you decide to buy the item, the cost is the price as shown. It's not necessary to pay a deposit on the garment.  Just buy it or return it pretty quickly.

Also, if you have a garment that might be useful for us to add to the lending collection, please contact Alex (Alex@WeatherWool.com / 862-849-8250). You can see how we handle trade-ins in the intro to our SPECIALS.

If you would like one of these items, please telephone us or place an online order with a NOTE telling us exactly which item you want. Please put your note in the box labeled "Add a note to your order". (Sometimes the NOTE does note reach us and in these cases we will contact you.)

Because of potential import duties, taxes and higher shipping costs, the Lending Library as described above is not applicable outside the USA. But we can improvise suitable arrangements on a case-by-case basis for our friends without an American shipping address.

The listing for a garment that is "checked out", will show the order number and date it was sent, plus the first name and last initial of the person who has it. When a garment is returned that information is removed and it becomes available again.

A lot of the garments shown below are listed as New-Used (maybe a result of our Customer Service policies). Usually New-Used means the customer who made the original purchase held the garment for longer than 10 days or so. If a customer hangs onto a garment more than about 10 days before returning, even if it just sits unopened in the box, we count it as Used. Also, sometimes people tell us they returned it after only one day and only wore it to go shopping and to walk the dog one night. If a garment has been taken outdoors, no matter for how short a time, we will not sell it as new, and it will be listed on the Lending Library as New-Used.

Lending items may be shipped in a recycled box, which seems appropriate.

One other thing ... Ralph often ships Lending pieces, but he's terrible at packing. Please don't hold it against him (me!!).

THANKS -- Ralph --- 973-943-3110 and Alex --- 862-849-8250

Factory 2nds are new but for the stated reason did not pass final Quality Control.

ALL-AROUND JACKETS (always FullWeight Fabric)

  • All Around Jacket / Xsmall / Duff (2nd's) Repaired button holes. - $700.
  • All Around Jacket / Small / Drab with Double Hood. Fine condition, but Hood and Jacket come from different Fabric Batches and shades of Drab do not quite match. Customer traded them in for new. $800
  • All Around Jacket / Large / Drab - Lightly used. Customer held it for a month then changed sizes. $775
  • All Around Jacket / Large / Lynx. New and never used (2nd's). This piece had been sitting at the tailors for maybe a couple of years. Latest design. $725 (Sending to Wyatt W as of 2 June 2023 --- #14178)
  • All-Around Jacket / 2XLarge/ Brown. Basically new. Customer wore it a few times and decided it was too heavy for his old shoulders.  $775 (Sending to Andrew B on 8 May 2023 --- #14030)
  • All-Around Jacket / 2XLarge/ Drab. Several years old. Good condition and has outer chest pockets and no storm flap. Production specs for Fabric then were same as now. $450.
  • All-Around Jacket / 2XLarge/ Lynx. 2.0 production version, but still very good condition. - $475
  • All-Around Jacket / 3XLarge / Lynx Pattern. Like new. $775


  • Al's Anorak / XXSmall / Duff - FullWeight. Good condition - $475
  • Al's Anorak / XSmall / Lynx - MidWeight. Good condition... if not shrunken (was a Small). $475
  • Al's Anorak / XSmall / Lynx - FullWeight. Fair condition - $425
  • Al's Anorak / Small / Lynx - FullWeight. Like new, but returned after two years by a customer who wore it only a few times because too heavy for him.  This is from Batch 5, so it doesn't have the finish (hand) of our later batches. $475
  • Al's Anorak / Medium / Black - FullWeight. This was used for a while, then the zipper broke. Zip is replaced, nothing wrong with garment. $475
  • Al's Anorak / Medium (was a Large) / Drab - MidWeight.  Good condition. $400
  • Al's Anorak / Large / Drab - MidWeight. Very good condition. $475
  • Al's Anorak / Large / Drab - FullWeight. OK condition. $425
  • Al's Anorak / Large / Drab - FullWeight. Very Good condition. $500
  • Al's Anorak / 3XL / Drab - FullWeight.  New/Used. Not used, but customer held it for two months before deciding it was too small. $550
  • Al's Anorak / 3XL / Duff - FullWeight.  Good condition. Duff (light brown) color - $475 (Sending to Vincent S on 5 June 2023 --- #14187)
  • Al's Anorak / 3XL / Duff - FullWeight.  Good condition. Duff (light brown) color - $475
  • Al's Anorak / 3XL / Lynx - FullWeight.  A couple of years old, but barely worn because customer shouldn't have bought pullover. Great condition - $525



  • Basic Vest / Small-Medium / Drab - FullWeight. This is new, I think, but it's been sitting at the tailor's for years. Nothing wrong with it, but it is from about 2015, and was forgotten until it turned up lately. It has 4-hole buttons (the typical type of button, rather than the Slot Buttons we almost always use since about 2015). Chest measures 41 inches (104 cm), making it exactly in between Small and Medium -- $185



    • CPO / XXSmall / Lynx - MidWeight. New, unused CPO that somehow ripped on the back of the shoulder when it was tried on (guy way much too big, I guess). Local tailors did a great repair job, but you can definitely see where it was ripped. On the other hand, Lynx Pattern makes the repair harder to see than if it were a solid color.  $350
    • CPO / XSmall / Drab - MidWeight. Chest pockets are a little uneven. New Shirt. $375
    • CPO / Small / Drab - MidWeight - Used but very good condition $350
    • CPO / Small / Drab - MidWeight - Used but very good condition $350 (buy back from customer).
    • CPO / Small / Lynx - MidWeight - Good condition. $325
    • CPO / Small / Lynx - MidWeight - 2nd's ... the button holes needed repair. Now fixed. $375.
    •  CPO / Small / Duff - FullWeight  - This is from a few years ago, when we used to offer this design in FullWeight - $275 (Sending to Ted D on 30 April 2023 -- #13971)
    • CPO / Large / Drab - MidWeight. Seems new, but was held for 8 months by customer who then returned it, saying he didn't like it. $375  (Sending to Michael T --- #13562 --- 10 April 2023)
    • CPO / XL / Lynx - FullWeight.  good condition. $300 (Sending to Christine E on 5 June 2023 --- #14208)



    • Hooded Jacket / Size XSmall / FullWeight Black - This New/Used Hooded Jacket was never worn, never outdoors, only tried-on. But the customer was traveling for several weeks and it took too long to come back to us ... so ... we count it as used. $475
    • Hooded Jacket / Size Medium / MidWeight Lynx Pattern Fabric - This almost-new Hooded Jacket was worn a few times for just a few days then customer decided he needed to switch to Large. $475
    • Hooded Jacket / Size 2X / MidWeight Lynx Pattern Fabric - This almost-new Hooded Jacket was worn a few times over a couple of weeks then swapped for an XL. $475 (Sending to Neel K on 19 May 2023 --- #14104)


    • None now


    • Nothing now.  Sorry 



    • ShirtJac / Small / Brown - FullWeight (top button hole was repaired.) $450
    • ShirtJac / Medium - Large / Drab - FullWeight. This is a developmental piece that was forgotten at the tailor shop for a couple of years. New. The chest pockets are pleated and it has a drawstring inside, at the waist. The chest measures 48 inches (122 cm) which is in the middle of the current Medium/Large sizes. $450
    • ShirtJac / XL / Lynx - FullWeight. Very good condition. $450 (Sending to Christine E on 5 June 2023 --- #14208)
    • ShirtJac / 2XL / Drab - FullWeight.  Fabric on back was repaired. Good condition considering the repair. $425



    • We have a small number of Walker Hats on hand, sizes Medium and Large, and we're clearing them out at $65. Please, no returns on these.

    6 June 2023 --- Ralph & Alex

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