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Fabric Samples

Our Fabric is the basis of our company, and there is nothing else like it, which is why we're doing this.

There are many people who believe they know wool, and think WOOL IS WOOL ... we dearly love to send Samples to those folks (and everyone else) because handling our Fabric, even small swatches, really helps people understand our company.

We send out our Fabric Sample Booklet, with samples of all four colors of our FullWeight Fabric as well as both colors of our MidWeight Fabric.

We also include a swatch of FullWeight and MidWeight that is large enough to do a little testing, and compare WeatherWool to other fabrics. Among the performance factors people examine: fire/embers, water, softness against the skin, silence, toughness, strength, reflectivity, camouflage properties ... Some people will hold the samples up to a light to see how much light passes through, but please check out our page Light Test for more information.

We love to send out Samples and we would love to hear your impressions of our Fabrics!


THANKS! -- Ralph, Debby, Alex, Denali -- 2 September 2018

FullWeight Swatches (Drab, Lynx Pattern, Duff and Black) are in the top row and MidWeight Fabrics in the bottom row.


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