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People often ask us about discounting, "sales" for the holidays, "flash sales", coupons, etc.  Sorry, but we don't do that sort of thing.

We do have our Lending Library, and it has proven useful and popular.

The Lending Library offers (mostly) USED pieces that have plenty of life left in them.  If you want to try out some wool, or maybe fill a need for a trip, please check out the LENDING LIBRARY, below.

The Lending Library was started in September 2021, and it's been very useful. We have pretty well decided to run all Specials through the Lending Library.

Everything in the Lending Library was made with our production Fabric.  And everything in the Lending Library is offered under our No-Risk policy, same as every other WeatherWool product.

What's in the Lending Library?  Why have a Lending Library? Several reasons:

  • Trade-Ins are the biggest reason ... Sometimes people outgrow a garment, or want a different piece, different color, etc. And we always accommodate our customers.
  • We get a lot of people wanting to change sizes months after having received a garment. They tell us it's been in the box the whole time, or worn only a couple of times. The customer thinks we should take it back as a new garment, and we do. But it doesn't count as NEW to us. If a customer has held a garment more than a week or so, or walked outdoors even for a moment, we count the garment as USED and will offer it at a discount.
  • When we develop a new garment or modify an old one, we always have to first make at least one and sometimes several prototypes.
  • When we make a new version of a garment, we normally have some of the old version left over, which we offer as specials.
  • We also test tailors, but this hasn't happened for quite a while. We'll have a new potential tailor make a garment or two, and often we aren't happy enough with the work to make a production run. So these one-offs become specials.
  • One more important reason is that we always want to take care of our customers AND we don't want anyone buying WeatherWool, even used WeatherWool, from anyone else. We are responsible only for garments purchased from us. Because our customers can always sell/return garments back to us, there is not much reason for WeatherWool to be sold elsewhere. If someone other than us is offering WeatherWool, please make sure it's not a stolen garment.

Here is how Trade-Ins/Buy-backs work:

  • If you did not get your garment directly from us, we can't take it back. People actually do steal and re-sell WeatherWool
  • We'll email you a USPS pre-paid shipping label
  • We'll inspect the returned item. Usually the returned items are in excellent shape, and we'll pay you about 75% of the purchase price. If you can immediately use the trade-in toward another item that's fine. If not, we'll send you the money rather than carry a credit on our books
  • Customer purchases of trade-ins are handled in exactly the same way as any other WeatherWool purchase
  • Lastly, if you are not happy with your WeatherWool, that's a return, not a trade-in, and you get a 100% refund. And if you simply need the money back, please just tell me.

Alex handles trade-ins: Orders@WeatherWool.com ... cell 862-849-8250.

As always, feel free to phone us 24/7 to discuss, or order from the website. THANKS!


17 February 2024 --- Ralph

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