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Lending Library

Lending Library

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The items below here will almost all be USED, but everything is still USEFUL!

The idea is to let people try one of these items for a week or two, just to check out our stuff or maybe because it's needed for an upcoming trip. But it's all available for purchase, too.

The website will charge $30 to cover shipping, and we'll include a pre-paid return shipping label with the garment.

If you decide to buy the item, the cost is the price as shown. It's not necessary to pay a deposit on the garment.  Just buy it or return it pretty quickly.

Also, if you are looking for something used OR if you have a garment that might be useful for us to add to the lending collection, please contact Alex (Alex@WeatherWool.com / 862-849-8250). You can see how we handle trade-ins in the intro to our SPECIALS.

If you would like one of these items, please telephone us or place an online order with a NOTE telling us exactly which item you want. Please put your note in the box labeled "Add a note to your order". (Sometimes the NOTE does note reach us and in these cases we will contact you.)

Because of potential import duties, taxes and higher shipping costs, the Lending Library as described above is not applicable outside the USA. But we can improvise suitable arrangements on a case-by-case basis for our friends without an American shipping address.

The listing for a garment that is "checked out", will show the order number and date it was sent, plus the first name and last initial of the person who has it. When a garment is returned that information is removed and it becomes available again.

A lot of the garments shown below are listed as New-Used. Usually this means the customer who made the original purchase held the garment for longer than 10 days or so. If a customer hangs onto a garment before returning, even if it just sits unopened in the box, we count it as Used. Also, sometimes people tell us they returned it after only one day and only wore it to go shopping and to walk the dog one night. If a garment has been taken outdoors, no matter for how short a time, we will not sell it as new, and it will be listed on the Lending Library as New-Used.

Lending items are often shipped in a recycled box, which seems appropriate.

THANKS -- Ralph --- 973-943-3110 and Alex --- 862-849-8250


ALL-AROUND JACKETS (always FullWeight Fabric):

  • All-Around Jacket / XSmall / Black. Latest Production. New, but we had to re-sew some buttonholes. $750 (Kevin F --- #10294 --- 25 Oct 2022)
  • All Around Jacket / Large / Black. Latest Production. Looks new although customer had it for a year. Decided it is too big. $750 - (Jacob L --- #10425 --- 8 Nov 2022) (Next:  David H --- #10923 --- 26 Nov 2022)
  • All Around Jacket / XLarge / Black. Production from 1 year ago or so.  Like new with a little bit of use. $700 (Bill S --- #10436 --- Nov 6 2022 ... CARGO POCKET NEEDS REPAIR ... WILL SHIP ASAP ONCE READY.)


  • Anorak / Medium / Lynx FullWeight - Used in great shape. $525   (Dale T --- #10337 --- 28 Oct 2022)
  • Anorak / 3XL / Drab MidWeight - Great condition, except a very, very small (size of a few grains of rice) spot just below placket where Fabric is damaged. Most people would not notice. $475. (Joshua J --- #10604 --- 11/13/2022) (next in line --- #10895 --- Joe W )



    • CPO / XSmall / Drab - MidWeight. We had to re-sew the button holes on the cuffs. Nobody but us would ever know. New Shirt. $375
    • CPO / Small / Lynx - MidWeight. We had to re-sew the button holes on the cuffs. Nobody but us would ever know. New Shirt. $375
    • Used - CPO / was a Medium ... now a Small / Lynx - MidWeight - $375



    • Hooded Jacket / Medium / Lynx - MidWeight  Current Production version. Still New and was used as a TOP (Top Of Production ... The garment that was approved as the first of the production run). $500. (#10494 --- 9 Nov 2022 --- Matt D. PLANS TO PURCHASE)
    • Hooded Jacket / Size 2X / MidWeight Lynx Pattern Fabric - This almost-new Hooded Jacket was worn a few times over a couple of weeks then swapped for an XL. $475


    • Duff with VERY VERY SLIGHT fabric damage.  $125 (Josh K --- #10798 --- 20 Nov 2022)



    • Nothing now.  Sorry


    26 November 2022 --- Ralph & Alex

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