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WeatherWool Anorak Reviews from Civilians

I'm nowhere near keeping up on reviews of the Anorak that are publicly available via searching the web, social media, etc. But there is some good stuff here. If you have a review or can flag something that should be on this page, please let me know! -- Thanks! -- Ralph

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There are lots of independent WeatherWool reviews, with new ones coming out steadily, on Instagram, YouTube, web forums and various websites. But I put a review here from time to time. Reviews are seldom posted on this website without permitted attribution.

Perhaps the most meaningful review we've gotten was this one, from American Military Special Operations Command in Afghanistan in 2018: "The coats are phenomenal and all the guys that wear them absolutely love them. ... My entire detachment continues to request additional coats and Hats." If you have interest in the Military application of WeatherWool, please visit our WarriorWool page. But this page focuses on Civilian Reviews. We actually get several one-liners sent to us directly by email each week.


2022-05-15 ... Tom Zaun on Instagram
On 14 May we asked on Instagram for people to name for us their most-admired products and companies of any kind. We received some very kind replies about our own products, even though we were hoping to hear about other companies (as a way to learn). But positive feedback from our own customers is what we are really working for, and it's hard to beat the feedback from Tom Zaun: "I can’t comment enough on how awesome the heavy weight Anorak is I got mine last fall and it was the only thing I wore through the winter upstate New York in the mountains I live in . I will never be without one I wish I would’ve known about it years ago. And it’s the only garment I’ve ever worn out in public where people would come up to me and say holy shit where did you get that it is awesome and I passed the name on to so many people this winter . No BS. Ralph at WeatherWool is the real deal." BIGTIME THANKS TOM! -- Ralph

We posed the same question on our Facebook page, and Byron Bellinger wrote one of our very favorite things to read: "It goes with me everywhere."

2022-04-12 ... Michael Riddle, USMC Veteran
Dramatic photo from Michael Riddle, United States Marine Corps Veteran, who purchased through the WarriorWool Program when he was on Active Duty:

US Marine Corps Veteran Michael Riddle testing his WeatherWool Anorak:  “No gloves. No layers. Just a cotton shirt and the fullweight duff XL anorak with your watch cap and neck gaiter, in a Utah squall at 5-10 degrees F with 35-40 mph gusts of wind and heavy snow. Stayed toasty and bone dry.”

Michael testing our wool:  “No gloves. No layers. Just a cotton shirt and the FullWeight Duff XL Anorak with your Watch Cap and Neck Gaiter, in a Utah squall at 5-10 degrees F [about -14C] with 35-40 mph [about 60 kph] gusts of wind and heavy snow. Stayed toasty and bone dry.”

Michael is a big guy, and has experienced severe conditions in the Military. Most people would not be comfortable in the weather and clothing he describes. And he clearly was not far from shelter. Michael's test illustrates a major goal of ours: We hope people will wear WeatherWool even in mild conditions because they like it, and if circumstances somehow get nasty, the wool can make a huge difference.

2022-03-27 ... Drew Gray
This is a video review from a month of testing in Minnesota in February and March 2022. Thanks to Drew for this review!

Drew REALLY pushes the MidWeight Anorak!


2021-10-13 ... Brad Veis
Brad is an outdoor pro (cameraman, videographer, producer) who sent us photos and review that I put on a separate page. THANK YOU BRAD!

2021-08-21 ... Tom Mohi comment on our Facebook post of 20 August 2021:

Absolutely love my Black full weight Anorak, been all around the world with me, from city to the wilderness both on day hikes, and multiday treks, I've slept in it without a sleeping bag when i lent my bag to my girlfriend whose bag was soaking wet, worn it in absolutely horrendous weather got drenched but still kept me warm. Can't thank Ralph enough for my garment that'll be with me for life!!!

2021-08-11 ... Review from Craig Matheson of Ontario
Craig reviewed both the MidWeight and FullWeight Anoraks, and his comments were long enough that I put them on a separate page.

2021-06-05 ... From Stephen Hubchen
We've lately sent out a bunch of Anoraks and have happily received quite a few reviews. Thanks to lots of people for gratifying feedback and to Stephen for this one:

This is easily the most expensive article of clothing I ever purchased so I was honestly apprehensive to receive the anorak. Apprehension is gone as this is easily the best made piece of kit I ever owned. The downside is I need to wait at least four months before I can wear it. Thanks again!!

When I wrote to Stephen asking permission to use his words, he added:

I’m currently cranking up the air-conditioning just so I can wear it around the house!

2021-03-26 ... From Nick Nelson

I received my Lynx anorak yesterday, and I must say.....this is a thing of beauty and WELL worth the wait!
Thank you for putting out such a quality product at the highest of standards. Normally, I'm a firm believer in getting what you pay for.
In this case, I'm getting more than what I paid for. I like to think I'm very picky, and this garment is flawless. Not a stitch out of place, and I checked ;)

2021-03-03 ... This was pretty cool ...
Ivan Hageman, who is the Head of a School in Manhattan, wrote me:

All is very well, and I wish the same for you and your family. I have worn my mid weight anorak all winter - for my bike ride across Manhattan to work! I have stayed warm and dry, even with the wild fluctuations of weather we have been getting in these last few years.
I would like an AAJ in the Lynx pattern - do you have a medium in stock? If so, I will place an order on the website. Grateful, Ivan

I replied to Ivan that we do have the All-Around Jacket on hand, and asked if we could quote him on this page. To which he replied:

The anorak is my absolutely favorite piece of clothing. People should know about your company - the care, the craft, and the quality - please feel free to use my words! When the City was shut down and my school was one of the few places open, the anorak served as my armor and gave me a swagger and confidence heading out in a quiet landscape and inclement weather. After riding across Manhattan I stand and greet every student, no matter the temperature, and after the fast bike sprint, I have been comfortable in the anorak while standing in front of the building in sub freezing temperatures getting everyone inside. Your outer wear has a place in the urban landscape, too, especially as we move away from formal dress in the changing workplace. Thanks! I

Wouldn't it be great if the Head of every school greeted every student every day, regardless of weather!!!??????

2021-01-27: Bob Yotko was helping us research zippers. While thanking him for some photos he sent, I told him to let us know if he ever has a problem with any of our garments. He replied: "My Anorak is the best piece of gear I've ever owned."
On 6 January 2021, Craig Matheson of Canada ordered a FullWeight Anorak and dropped a great line in the process: "I've had my MidWeight for over 2 years now and pretty much worn it every day that the temp was below 18C [64F]." And he followed up with a little more info the next day: "I was apprehensive about midweight vs heavyweight - but as soon as you're doing anything in the cold - even real cold - the midweight keeps you at a sort of ideal working temperature. I actually wear it even when I go out on my bicycle in the winter."
28 August 2020:  Robert Kossak just texted me ... "My wife is still absolutely loving her Anorak. For the first time in our lives, she looks forward to cooler weather so that she can wear it."
27 July 2020:  Sam Ferguson of British Columbia, who works and plays outdoors all year long, sent us a nice general comment when we posted about the possibility of using smaller cord locks:  "The anorak is the best thing I’ve ever worn in the rain, snow, Pacific Northwest weather! Planning on grabbing a couple more for work and play and family! You guys are truly making heirloom products and these seem like they are going to make what is already outstanding, even better."
On 18 July 2020 we received a review from Wendy, who is founder and proprietor of KumasonCo, a pet care company. We put Wendy's review on a separate page because Wendy sent several photos.
Also on 18 July 2020, @etho.gram posted a few great photos and a gratifying narrative ... We particularly like this post because it comes from a professional wildlife biologist. We've published the review on a separate page because of the four photos.
On 13 June 2020, @Taozen posted a photo on Instagram and when I commented that I hoped his wool was still working, he wrote: "@weatherwool it does a perfect job at keeping me warm even after 2+ hours of rain, as well as letting my body 'breathe'. Temperature regulation is just amazing."
An Instagram Post from Chris Sheets, a professional Wildlife Biologist in Wyoming, 27 May 2020 ...
WeatherWool Advisor Chris Sheets is a professional Wildlife Biologist who works outdoors, year-round in Wyoming.  Chris told us his WeatherWool Anorak is his favorite piece of gear!
When I thanked Chris for posting the photo, he replied "my favorite piece of gear for sure!" ... That's a big deal coming from a person who works in the Wyoming outdoors year round. Also, we like seeing the wool on the water. Many people are not aware of how well wool works for fishing.
Quoting from a nice post from Instagram on 2 May 2020: "If I had to pick only one jacket for the rest of my life that would probably be this Weatherwool Al’s Anorak (Lynx camo, full weight) #weatherwool #rambouillet #merino #wool". ... We at WeatherWool need to continue to improve so that our customer's next post omits "probably".
Quoting from an Instagram post by a field research scientist on 9 April 2020:    "Hiking waterfalls in the rain to blow off steam and have one last adventure with @angelralphh before he leaves the island. Thanks to @weatherwool for keeping me warm in the pouring rain. I feel extremely lucky to be in a place where I can continue to do my research and explore in relative isolation and safety from the ongoing pandemic.  #weatherwool #waterfall #fieldbiology #ornithology  #hiking"
This is a review (3 April 2020) from a different angle than usual. Jim Bonney asked to return his Anorak in favor of a Hooded Jacket because he's decided he wants a zip-front instead of a pullover. When I wrote him we'll always facilitate our customers, but that we don't know when we'll have a Hooded Jacket for him, here is what he emailed in return:
I’ll wait until [Hooded Jackets] are out and about. I like the Anorak enough that I gave my [big-name, old-time wool jacket] to my dad. No way is that Anorak leaving unless there’s an equivalent product taking its place. You happen to make the only equivalent products. I like the [Hooded Jacket] because it looks very similar to the Anorak minus the 'over the head' part. I was considering the A. A. jacket as well, it just doesn't get that cold around here and I'd probably never wear it. 25 [-4C] and dry is the lowest my Anorak has ever seen.
Of all the things that impress me the most about the Anorak is the rain tolerance. My [big-name wool] products have done fine, but your wool holds rain out for so long I've never been able to find out if it's even possible for me to get wet. The hood in particular, quite nice.
In any case, best regards and I routinely check your site for new products. WeatherWool I can wear under my WeatherWool would be very welcome!
THANK YOU for the note, Jim, and for permission to use it. We (or at least me!) are really looking forward to making WeatherWool base layers but it would be almost like starting a new company and ...
Here is a review copied from Instagram, posted by @dragoncanoe71_ on 1 February 2020.  THANKS TJ!
You must maintain your gear at all times , no matter what it is ! Now this WeatherWool Has been the only jacket I have worn now for the last year and a half ! For work or play or just out and about no such thing as bad weather only bad gear ! I’ve been comfortable from 65 to -25 f , rain snow wind sun all I do is change my layers under from nothing to just a couple layers ! And only in heavy rain I have worn a outer shell ! I also use it as part of my sleep system when out on scouts , I brush it out every two weeks as I do laundry takes me about a hour ish ! But summer it needs a good hand washer! It’s made here in the USA by a small company that have a passion for it and are very patriotic also ! As we all should be ! Yes more expensive than others but look what this one jacket has replaced for me ! I am down to just one jacket ! Dragon approved gear right there ! 🐉 HooRaw ! #weatherwool #usmcvet #woolrules #usa
Tyler Maicach sent these comments (used here with permission) directly to me in October 2019:
I have put my WeatherWool Anorak through everything the midwest can throw at it. I am beyond pleased and it has become my favorite piece of outwear in my collection. It is not only functional but can wear it out in public and in any situation. I stash my concealed firearm in the elastic in the pouch perfectly and can access and have a grip without drawing any attention if need be. It has been on my back and been through record breaking cold and wind here in Indiana. As a true outdoorsman i wholeheartedly support you and your business and your products. Keeping true to quality and customer satisfaction i would love to advise and promote your business. I personally own and operate a small outdoor gear business and am happy to recommend any of your products to anyone i know. Once again thank you.
Advisor Trustin Timber filmed a review in January 2018 where he subjects himself and his Anorak to water, snow, wind, fire and ... a beating ... just for the fun of showing how his Anorak has stood up to whatever Nature (or Mrs T) dishes out!  [Please note that the discount offer he mentions expired quite a while ago, and we haven't done anything like that in years.]
Advisor Rob Allen of Sigma 3 Survival Systems posted a review of the Anorak on his Youtube Channel on 26 January 2018.
Please click here for a detailed review of the Anorak sent to a WarriorWool customer by Advisor Mike Dean ... both the customer and Mike have served at the United States Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center in Pickel Meadows, so Mike wanted to make sure this customer heard from him personally.
18 January 2020:  This is a really interesting review that customer Joe Mohring posted on Instagram, along with this photo:
A review of the WeatherWool Anorak by outdoors-instructor Joe Mohring as published (with this photo) on Instagram
Joe was testing/reviewing the Anorak for skiing. The text below begins with the review published by Joe on his own Instagram page (linked above) and includes comments generated on the WeatherWool Instagram page when we reposted.
Repost @Joseph3Mohring ...
8:03 PM 24°F/-9C [Snoqualmie Pass, Washington State]
Al's Anorak - FullWeight

Spent the evening skiing with a friend at the pass. I was excited for another chance to test my new @weatherwool Anorak, this time in freezing conditions.

The garment performed better than I expected, providing the most comfortable skiing experience I've ever had. The cinch in the back kept out the powder and wind, and the adjustable cuffs fit nicely over my gloves and oversized Casio G-Shock. The transitions from slope to lift to lodge were smooth as well, I almost didn't take it off inside. The powder dusted right off the anorak and the buttoned front provided all the ventilation I needed.

I did notice that the kangaroo pocket in front has a tendency to collect snow and other debris, but a quick button does the trick there (granted I had fallen in about 5 or 6 feet of powder). The utility strap inside said front pocket held my spare gloves securely the whole time, and have come in handy on many other occasions.

One last reflection: I had never heard of slot buttons before and I LOVE them. Secure is an understatement, and they are on the loose side, so they slide in and out like a dream (even one handed!). Without a doubt the best piece of gear in my kit. Worth every penny, and not actually that expensive next to other brands like King of the Mountain. If you are like me, and spend a considerable amount of time outdoors... do yourself a favor and check out these 100% American wool garments. You can test one risk free, and the customer service I got from Ralph and Alex is unparalleled. Stay wild, and stay dry out there... I know I will!  PS- @weatherwool did not put me up to this, just an honest independent review.  @weatherwool Thank You ... we would love to have skiers pay more attention to wool!! ... @joseph3mohring My main concern was how the fabric would respond to the high wind speeds, and
honestly I only felt it on my face. Your fabric is extremely impressive windbreaker, considering it's wool! It is also worth mentioning that my base
layers were a cotton tshirt and a loosely knit wool sweater from goodwill.
@w2stv You bring up valid points, but I respectfully agree with @weatherwool that everything, especially when it comes to gear, has pros and cons. There are many reasons why I prefer wool to synthetics. When I am active, I tend to perspire heavily. Synthetic shells are not breathable and trap my sweat, which actually ends up soaking my base layers and chilling me to the bone. As I'm sure you know wool wicks that moisture right away. I spend a considerable ammount of time outside working with kids in nature. When you spend that much time making and tending fires, especially sleeping by fires, you quickly realize that your $200 synthetic shell literally can't handle the heat. I have burned holes in almost all my shells. Not worth it, not for my money. The other major reason that I have made the switch to wool is that synthetic fabrics are toxic. Their means of production are toxic, every time you wash a synthetic garment micro-particles flake off and leech into water supplies. And then after the burn holes from the fires render the shell useless, there is no good way to dispose of it because it will NEVER biodegrade. It will just breakdown and contaminate ecosystems. I guess if you don't sweat much, and want to save weight, go synthetic. These are just my opinions based on my own first hand experiences.
There was actually some more back-and-forth, but that's enough for here!
4 December 2019:  Not sure why but this cracked me up ... "SNOWBLOWER Feedback from William Lively:  "Below are a couple shots of my first use of my new WeatherWool Anorak in Brookline NH.  I’d give it an A+.  The temperature was around 24 F with 10 mph wind I had a medium with base layer, a light weight merino neck gaiter and the Anorak.  I could have gone with a light weight base and left the side zippers closed.  This was the most pleasurable snow clearing I’ve had over the last 11 years.  No cold spots, no sweating and getting wet inside a gortex coat and no cold wind down the back of my neck.  I highly recommend this anorak.  Thanks for getting it to me before the storm arrive."  THANK YOU WILLIAM!!   
WeatherWool Anoraks see some very hard and varied use!  Sometimes far afield, sometimes close to home!
WeatherWool Advisor Dave Canterbury, operator of Pathfinder Survival School and Self Reliance, likes his instructors to wear WeatherWool
1 December 2019: The photo above shows Advisor Dave Canterbury with two of his assistant instructors at a class of the Pathfinder Survival School, one the world's best-known Outdoor and Primitive Skills schools. Dave is at left, in the middle is Shawn Kelly, who has a large YouTube following, and at right is Josh Enyart, who is also a WeatherWool Advisor. Dave likes all of his instructors to wear Lynx Pattern during classes.     
25 September 2019: A few days ago, one of our customers posted from Hungary on Instagram. He gave me permission to use his words and images. THANKS @ThatTomGuy86! ... "I love my Anorak. It's amazingly comfortable and warm. You guys are like woolen magicians ... My Anorak comes with me on all my adventures!"
17 March 2019: @DaneLawing, a professional videographer and photographer, got an Anorak about a month ago and posted a great photo and comments on Instagram: " Back in my happy (and apparently squinty) place, Anasazi ruins in the Four Corners. Have to make a point to comment on the @weatherwool Anorak I’m wearing. Easily the best designed and made, most comfortable, durable and just damn smart single piece of clothing I’ve ever worn. This one will be with me....will let’s just say it’ll be the last thing I drop and it’ll have to be jungle for me to do that."
21 February 2019: From an Instagram post by @OutdoorLegion ... Also ... who looks comfortable and happy?
WeatherWool Anorak worn by @OutdoorLegion "... Quality is an understatement."
"@weatherwool has been on my back everyday since September 1st in 60 degree weather and down to 0 degrees this winter. Been in the pouring rain, deep snow and sunshine. Favorite jacket as of right now. Quality is a understatement."
31 January 2019: This review is interesting because, while it's a very nice review, it also points out why it is difficult to tell any given individual what garments will be appropriate ... and why I usually ask people where they are from ... "Just had to let you know that my new mid weight lynx anorak has exceeded expectations. Great job there. Wore it with a t-shirt base layer in -10C/14F the other night and arms a bit cold but wow - I think subconsciously I need more clothing but this anorak was really solid at keeping the heat in. Beautifully made too. Flawless stitching and fabric. It's my favorite piece of outdoor clothing. I love the lynx pattern too. It's a perfect camo for winter forest, but it doesn't scream camo - very well done there. --- Craig Matheson" Really, I wouldn't suggest the MidWeight Anorak over a T-Shirt as appropriate for this temperature, but Craig is from Canada, and Canadians generally run warmer than most. What you can tolerate has a lot to do with what you are used to.
29 January 2019: Here is some material posted on Instagram by "Ziggy", @MountainMan_Bushcraft, myself, and a couple of others. Ziggy has some very long and serious outdoor experience with British Military, and will probably become an Advisor eventually. In any case, he posted (and I reposted on the WeatherWool Instagram account) some of his impressions after wearing his Anorak for a couple of months:
  • mountainman_bushcraft We’re finally getting snow on Thursday! Can’t wait to wear my @weatherwool anorak in colder conditions. I’ve always used wool in wet and cold conditions for mountaineering and in the army, but WeatherWool is in a league of its own! It’s so comfortable and it works to a much better level than any other wool I’ve worn. I just wish I’d discovered it earlier!  
Max Riede of Germany, a professional outdoorsman and a businessman, has had a couple of weeks to wear his Anorak in WARM weather, and sent us this note on 28 July 2018: "Although we have quite some got temperatures going on at the moment here in Germany (and sadly no rain) I’ve been able to conduct a few small tests of my own. I used the anorak every morning for my cardio. It has incredible breathability and gives out the 'right' amount of warmth. I’ve not noticed overheating! Once sweating harder what I love is, that I don’t get cold! It’s incredible. Even on a bike when riding which basically simulates windchill the anorak keeps the right amount of warmth in! Also the wool quality amazes me. I can wear the anorak on direct skin!! Wool on skin ... need I say more? I really dig the lynx pattern. It’s absolutely gorgeous and isn’t looking military although it blends in the forest so beautifully." Max is becoming an Advisor. Usually, before becoming an Advisor, we like people to test the wool more than Max has, but, Max has extensive outdoor experience, despite his relative youth. Max has great English skills, and I think it's really groovy that he wrote how he digs Lynx Pattern!
On May 5 2018 we got the first feedback on his new Anorak from Advisor Zach Gault (@Primitive.Living), an outdoors professional: "I have the anorak and I am in the woods already! I love this thing... like really love it. Only problem is I don’t want to take it off now haha ..."
On 4 May 2018, we got a very nice note from Denmark. Young Rasmus Espersen, @TheDanishBushcrafter, seems to have found his calling early, and we're happy he likes his Anorak. Rasmus has great ability with English, and he is only 15! Rasmus is just getting a taste of the temperature range the Anorak will handle. He might be glad to know that some Military people also use the Anorak as a pillow or cushion ... "Ralphy, i just wanted to say How much i love This anorak! I haven't posted/pic whatever yet simply because i want to 'be Real' you know actually use etc etc, But so far man, DAMN... i was on a Canoe trip last weekend, 17 Celsius [63F] weather and Down to 6 Celsius [43F], i did Not change the WHOLE two days, Not even one time, it was soooooo good man i love it, States super comfy and even used it As my pillow at night lol, it was Always with me:) all the dudes (15-20) didn't believe me it was Wool because it was so comfy, But They Were all Extremely impressed/interested in it! One of my friends Who teach bushcraft is REALLY interested in one, i'll let you know!"
On 6 February 2018, Sid Smith sent us a comment and followed it up with a phone call.  Sid was the first person we've heard from who wanted something that let him move comfortably while shopping. Well, versatility is what we are about! During the phone call, Sid told me he had one of the best-known Anoraks on the market, but he gave it away after wearing WeatherWool for a couple of days.  Here is Sid's written input:  "Just wanted to share. I am 60 and retired. My wife and I do a lot of shopping especially crafts. Also travel, so I am in and out of businesses and back into the cold winter air. After reading about your wool anoraks, I bought one in the lynx pattern. I wanted something that would look dressy and yet let me be comfortable inside shopping and warm outside heading to the next shop. With the anorak, the boonie, and the scarf, I was very comfortable shopping inside, even without unzipping the sides. Underneath I had a merino wool T-shirt, and a light polyester pull over long sleeve.The temperature was 27 [Fahrenheit, -3C] with a windchill of 15 [-10C]. The only accessory that was not WeatherWool that I wore as an outer garment were earmuffs.So for you older retired men that do a lot of going in and out of shops with your spouse, and are tired of being hot indoors, this is your answer."
Also in January 2018, Dave Canterbury of Pathfinder Survival began evaluating WeatherWool.  His preliminary comment:  "... absolutely top of the line product in both technology and comfort."
 Michael Engelmeyer, owner of Great Outdoor Studios, located in Missouri, has been wearing Al's Anorak since 2015. Mike is a professional photographer who specializes in outdoor products such as boats, trucks and guns, for major manufacturers. Mike is also frequently in the outdoors on his own time.  We put the following picture of Mike working in California's Sierra Nevada Mountains on Instagram on 15 August 2017, and Mike added the caption himself:
"The best all weather garment I have ever used.
Thank you WW for building a 'Made in the US' Masterpiece!!"
Advisor Bill McConnell, Head Instructor, Owner and Founder of the PAST Skills Wilderness School, and  star of Discovery Channel's Dual Survival:
Bill is very well known in the Primitive Skills Community. He called in Summer of 2015 and explained he would soon begin filming a television series that would highlight his primitive skills, and would be wearing the best woolens he could find. A few days later, he called back and said after receiving his WeatherWool, he knew he would not be interested in anything else. Back from filming, Bill described how happy he was with the performance of our MidWeight Pants and FullWeight Al's Anorak in Lynx Pattern. He was quite surprised that the Pants were as weather and wind-tight as they are, given how soft and light they feel in the hand and on the skin. Bill asked us not to reveal the identity of the TV Show until after the first episode aired in January 2016.
You can see Bill wearing WeatherWool in the first two episodes of Season 7 of Discovery Channel's Dual Survival where he and Grady must find their way from a glacial mountaintop setting back to civilization in Patagonian Chile. Bill wore the MidWeight Pants as his base layer, so in those episodes it is only our Anorak that is visible on TV. But people certainly noticed it! Bill tells me the producers would only allow him to wear the clothes we sent him for one adventure.
Bill is a believer in great wool, and we are happy to have him as an Advisor..
Advisor and Tester Harald Krauss - Tester, from December 2015 ...
Weather had slightly deteriorated a week ago - we had a storm with wind and slight rain temperatures around 45 ° Fahrenheit. I took the chance to run an hour wearing the anorak: it was not in the least challenged by the weather. I ran quite hot without wind, wore it in poncho mode most of the time. Very conveniently I closed the zipper on the windward side when the storm was coming from the side. After running, the wet material had adopted a slight smell like a wet carpet which disappeared completely after I had it hanging on my balcony for a night.
Harald mentions a smell like a wet carpet. I know what he means. When wool is still ‘fresh’ it does have an odor as moisture adsorbs to internal structures of the fibers. I think this has something to do with the release of the heat from the water-wool bonding. I've gotten to like that faint aroma -- makes me think the wool is working its magic -- but it disappears as the garment ages.
Jeff Cook, Advisor and Tester
As of Summer, 2017, Jeff has bought 5 Anoraks ... some for gifts ... This review was from when we were first getting to know Jeff.
I wanted to give you some quick feedback and photo. I love the Anorak and I have already been using the MidWeight one. I did have to change out the zippers to “pull tabs” because that would jingle something fierce (note: we have since changed to locking zippers) while walking through the woods. I have a strong aversion to zippers as they tend to break at the wrong times and can be difficult to use with big gloves in the cold. However, I spent a handful of days in the PNW [Pacific North West] woods archery hunting with it.  Keep up the good work!
I changed out all the metal zipper pulls to a pull tab I have been using for years on all of my gear. They work great and are made by MSR. They have a couple of different versions from glow in the dark, to regular black. They never freeze, never break, are easy to pull through the zipper eyelet and make it a lot easier to zip and unzip things. The link is below to a version that I use often. I would strongly recommend them, especially for your warrior wool line. I have tried paracord and it does not work well, these are much better:"
I have been wearing your midweight anorak a lot lately. I actually hand washed it with Nikwax (which you will probably frown on, but it works well) and have worn it in the rain several times. This was PNW rains, so they were long drizzles with heavy wind and cool temperatures. I stayed dry, not just warm, but dry, during all of my walks. The rain never soaked through the wool and it did not get very heavy. I have been thoroughly impressed. Well done.
I really like Nikwax when I know I am going to be using the wool in heavy rain because it does make the water bead up. When I am in the rain I usually do not worry too much about the wicking power of wool since the outside humidity is 100%. The other reason I really like Nikwax is because I can wash it out when I want to strip it out. Two hand washes and I can strip out the Nikwax from the garment and wear it again in warmer weather and it will wick moisture without issue. I have tried other water proofing coatings (and ruined some expensive wool with them in the past), but the Nikwax has worked the best for me. Anyways, I know wool garment makers cringe when I tell them that, but it has worked with me.
From December 2015
The wool performed excellent on the hunt. We were at 8,000 feet and saw temperatures from 10-degrees to 45-degrees. The wind was always blowing and on the last day we had a good snow storm. The wool performed great from the cool mornings with a stiff breeze on the ridge tops to the late afternoons with falling temperatures and long walks back to the truck. The Lynx pattern was perfect for the the broken snow landscapes on the North slopes and the brushy bottoms. We stopped this bull at 1,400 yards and crawled through the bottom of the valley in the background along the brush to 350 yards to shoot him in his bed. I pretty much lived in the wool for the entire hunt and gave it some good use. My perspiration would wick through the wool and freeze on the outside during the long hikes, but it kept me warm and dry. Now I just wish you made the Medium weight pants in the lynx pattern!
NOTE: We certainly value quiet and convenience. Most people will have no issue with the pulls on the Anorak. But a stalking bowhunter such as Jeff needs dead silence. We like Jeff's solution, but WeatherWool can offer only American-made zipper pulls. 
Jeff's observation that moisture wicked through the Anorak and froze on the outside while he stayed warm and dry on the inside is exactly why we have eliminated all liner fabrics from our garments. If we had used the typical synthetic liners that makers of other, coarse woolens use, the perspiration would have created a big wet rag on the back of Jeff's neck, and elsewhere, and he would have been cold and clammy. If Jeff had been wearing a typical ‘windproof and waterproof and breathable’ garment, perspiration would have condensed on the inside of the garment in the cold weather and Jeff would again have felt cold and clammy at best. Plus of course, the windproof-waterproof-breathable (never actually found one that was all three) garments don't have any warmth either.
Vaughan Turner of Australia  (bought two Al's Anoraks), June 2017
“The quality is outstanding worth every cent and it will definitely see me out till the end of my days.”
Matt Bradley, June 2017
I've gone through quite a few pieces of wool looking for a “grail” cold weather hunting jacket and the anorak provided that for me. The fit was perfect and I didn't have any issues with the sleeves not closing tight enough. It kept me warm while sitting, kept the wind out while riding my quad and being able to open the side zips to vent while moving between stands was crucial.
Advisor and Tester Tom Brown III
Tom has been one of the testers of the first generation of our Anorak and he has given us feedback on a few different occasions.  You could sort of view the following as the bottom-line, short-and-sweet review:
"No matter what it is still my favorite Jacket of all times! Keep up the good work!!!”
Tom (T3) has been hard into all sorts of outdoor activities since he was knee-high to a grasshopper. As explained to us by Lisa Porter, one of Tom's colleagues, “Tom and Lisa currently live near the base of Mount Hood in northern Oregon. They work outside year-round in the rain and in the mountains educating youth and adults in nature connection, wilderness and earth skills for Trackers Earth of Portland, Oregon.”
Tom published a review of WeatherWool in Tactics and Preparedness Magazine in the November 2015 issue.  We are not sure if the review is available online or not, but we reproduce it here, with thanks:
When people ask me what the best fabric for hardcore winter use is, my answer is always the same: Wool. Wool will keep you warm even when wet and is very quiet in the bush. No company out there makes wool gear better than WeatherWool. Their clothing is 100% USA made, from the sheep to the stitching, with attention given to quality and functionality over anything else. I have been wearing their Anorak pullover and have never used a finer, better constructed piece of wool clothing and I have tested plenty of them. This pullover has pockets in all the right places and is so well made it will last your family for generations to come. Ralph and Debby DiMeo have dedicated many years to making the finest wool clothing available.
In April 2016 Tom gave us another test report ... maybe more of a testimonial:
When you spend as many days outside in the cold as I do you quickly learn that most cold weather gear is not designed for hardcore use. Most of it is designed for the "weekend warrior" types and may function just fine if you only see it a couple times a year and it sits in your closet the rest of the time. For instance, I once was given a well-known, brand-name Gore-tex winter parka. It looked good and kept me warm on sunny winter days. I wore it in the bush for a week in late winter and after 7 days of snow, rain and campfires it was a soggy, gross, melted mess.
I tell my students that hands down, the best fabric for hardcore outdoor cold weather use is wool. Wool keeps you warm even when it is wet. It is durable and quiet in the woods. It absorbs light and allows you to blend in better no matter what color it is. It is the only fabric I will stake my life on.
I have purchased many high-end wool garments in my day. After finding WeatherWool the buck has stopped here. I spent this last winter testing the Anorak. From teaching classes to farm work, running the tractor to shoveling snow the jacket never let me down. I was always warm and dry. In fact at times it was too warm! Since getting my hands on the Anorak I have traded away all of my other wool. Ralph and Debby have set up a top notch operation. From the sheep to the stitching it's founded on 100% American-made, sustainable and passionate practices. In these times where many companies are moving their operations overseas or south of the border, their principles to locality and quality will keep them here at home.
When I talk about WeatherWool and how much it costs people are a bit taken aback. What I have found during my lifetime outdoors is that in tools and clothes you get what you pay for. Yes, their garments are expensive. They also cost a lot to make. They cost more than money. Their very existence has been a labor of love on top of everything else it takes to work a small business. It's the best investment because they're made so well they will literally last you a long, long, long time. I would definitely rather pay a bigger upfront investment for one awesome garment than keep buying something new every few years. If you look at the cost of replacing a jacket every few years you will find it costs more. Break the cycle and choose American Made quality! In our society we have a say and make a difference by where we invest our hard earned dollars. Mine will continue to go to companies like WeatherWool. Quality made by people who have passion for what they are doing. Try ’em and see for yourself!?
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