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WeatherWool Pure Merino Wool Knitted Neck Gaiter
WeatherWool Pure Merino Wool Knitted Neck Gaiter
WeatherWool Pure Merino Wool Knitted Neck Gaiter
WeatherWool Pure Merino Wool Knitted Neck Gaiter
WeatherWool Pure Merino Wool Knitted Neck Gaiter
WeatherWool Pure Merino Wool Knitted Neck Gaiter
WeatherWool Pure Merino Wool Knitted Neck Gaiter .. American made Merino WeatherWool Neck Gaiter, Balaclava, Scarf, Shemagh

Neck Gaiter / Shemagh

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[Please note: The Neck Gaiter is knitted, not woven, and is therefore very different from our other products. It is of course pure-American and very fine, pure Merino, but knitting and weaving are totally different ... and so the Neck Gaiter exemplifies our philosophy, but handling the knitted Gaiter is nothing like handling our garments made of woven Fabric.]

Our Neck Gaiter is a Scarf, a Gaiter, a Shemagh, a Balaclava and Leg- or Arm-Warmer in one:

  • Made of super-fine 18-micron pure-American Merino wool
  • Extra-loose knit for maximum dead air space and great stretch and spring
  • Extremely light
  • The Gaiter is a tube that measures 42 inches by 11 inches when laid out flat (107 cm by 29 cm).  Of course, it would be twice as wide if it was not a tube. So there is quite a bit of wool to it.
  • Opened ends for more chest coverage when doubled as a gaiter or balaclava
  • Machine washable and dryable (don't do this with our woven products!!)
  • Can actually be used as an arm and even leg covering. This surprised us, but a Special Forces Vet was here at the house and he showed us how he sleeps with one Gaiter over each leg. He also uses the Neck Gaiter as a leg-warmer after vigorous hiking. It's such a kick to us to see how people put WeatherWool to uses we never thought of! He calls this piece a Multi-Scarf
  • The Neck Gaiter weighs 6 ounces (170 grams)

It was a detailed discussion about the Neck Gaiter that led to Sam Kuhns becoming our first WeatherWool Advisor from Alaska. Sam told us he has many Neck Gaiters, at least 10 of them, and this is the only one he will be wearing from now on. He really likes the warmth, softness and comfort of the merino, but also the great loft and how the loose knit enables the Gaiter to stretch to whatever size he needs, without squeezing in on him, but at the same time the Gaiter still springs back to its original size and shape when he takes it off. It is significant that the "spring" of the Gaiter causes it to protect the entire neck and not collapse and just sort of pile-up at the bottom of the neck. He also said that the Gaiter weighs almost nothing and is very packable. Sam is a professional outdoorsman, a hunting guide in Alaska ... so gear is extremely important to him. If you would like to speak with someone about the Gaiter, give Sam a call. It is somewhat amazing how much Sam has to say about Neck Gaiters!

Making this gaiter was quite an unanticipated adventure and exercise for us. Amazingly, we were unable to buy the pure-American, pure-Merino cuffs and ribs we needed to make our Hoodie. So, we had to make them ourselves. And that meant acquiring far more fiber and then making far more yarn than we actually needed. So Debby came up with the idea for the Gaiter and it has been very well received.  Please click here for more pictures and details about our knitted items and components ... Gaiters, Cuffs, Ribs.

Please click here for a Youtube review of our Neck Gaiter by Mark Young, of Halifax.

Black Gaiters are available to ship now. Duff Gaiters are sold out ... we are working on more Duff Gaiters, but not sure how long it will take.


17 November 2018