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Trustin Timber
Trustin Timber
Trustin Timber

Trustin Timber


Ontario (Toronto)


Specialties (in alphabetical order!):  Adventure, Camping, Canoeing, Design, Fashion, Hiking, Luxury, Photography (Still and Video), Travel, Wilderness, Woodworking

The Trustin Timber brand was developed as the alter ego of a gentleman who has done a lot of work in the luxury fashion industry, including 9 years as an Art Director, Producer, and Creative Director working with top designer labels such as Michael Kors, Oscar de la Renta, and Gianfranco Ferré, just to name a few. He circled the globe multiple times working in Italy, Russia, Kazakhstan, Greece, England, USA, and all over China, visiting both the high-end showrooms as well as the factories where the garments are made, labeled, and branded. The Trustin Timber alter ego became a way to take a break from it all and socialize with like-minded people in the world of woodworking and outdoor adventure.

Eventually, that alter ego, and the passion to spend as much time in the wilderness instead of hotel rooms took over. TT thought he had left the world of luxury fashion behind until he discovered WeatherWool; a company he soon realized put quality above everything else.  A company he is confident to stand behind.

TT began wearing WeatherWool in early fall of 2017, and this Youtube video tells, in memorable fashion, about his experiences in his Anorak.

You can see more of his adventures and projects at the following locations:


WeatherWool Advisor Trustin Timber / Cody Bokshowan started his career in high fashion
    WeatherWool Advisor Trustin Timber / Cody Bokshowan started his career in high fashion

WeatherWool Advisor Trustin Timber has long experience in the high fashion industry


As an outdoors-media professional, TT has a dedicated page on this website where more of his photos can be seen.

27 December 2021