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WeatherWool Advisor Bill McConnell, from Dual Survival, WeatherWool Anorak in Lynx Pattern

Bill McConnell, The PAST School



Specialties: Nature, Survival, Primitive Skills, Teaching, Weather, Veterans Groups/Wounded Warriors

Bill is a lifelong practitioner of Primitive Skills, and the Founder of PAST Skills Wilderness School. Bill has been teaching tracking, survival, stealth, wild foods, bow-making, flint-knapping ... and much more ... since the 1990s. Bill has imparted his skills to Navy SEALs and other elite military and outdoor people for over 20 years. Some of Bill's students have gone on to found their own schools. Many people will remember Bill for his adventures on the Discovery Channel's popular series Dual Survival. Recently, Bill has become very active with the Wounded Warrior Project. [Note: Bill was leading a group of Wounded Warriors the last time we spoke. He was happy to become an Advisor as soon as I told him about the program, but he had only a short time to speak before again heading into the bush and out of signal range. Usually our Advisors themselves provide or edit the material we put on this page.  We're not sure Bill has seen it yet because he spends so much time in remote areas. If you don't get through to Bill right away, please leave a message and be patient. He will be happy to speak with you!]

Background Story:  In summer of 2015, Bill phoned us and explained he would soon be filming for a well-known TV show, and, as a wool-lover, he knew he'd be wearing wool. He said he was inviting all manufacturers to send something for trial, and that he would wear whatever he liked best. A couple of days later he called back to say he KNEW he wasn't going to find anything better than WeatherWool.

In the picture here, Bill is wearing our Anorak in Lynx Pattern, which is the item and Fabric most favored by Military people as well. This picture was taken at the end of Bill's successful Chilean survival adventure.

28 July 2018