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We feel very good that WeatherWool is being recommended and worn regularly by people at a number of outdoors-oriented schools. Having professionals represent us and recommend us to their students means a lot to us.

All of the people listed below are WeatherWool Advisors, and will be happy to answer your questions and take your order.

Advisor Tom Brown III (formerly Earth Village Education), Tracker's Earth School

Advisor Rich Cleveland, The Earth School

Advisor Darrell Holland, Holland Shooters School

Advisor Bill McConnell, PAST Skills Wilderness School

Advisor William Myers, Mantis Outdoors

Advisor Fisher Neal, Learn to Hunt NYC

Advisor Brad Salon, Roots School

As of this writing, Uncle Sam has been testing and evaluating WeatherWool at the United States Air Force Arctic Survival School at Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska and at the United States Army 10th Mountain Division Training School in Jericho, Vermont. I'd like to include specifics but at present can't say more than that they really like our Al's Anorak. Please visit our WarriorWool page if you are interested in donating an Anorak to either of those groups, or to the Navy SEALs.

Zach Gault, operating the Primitive Living School out of Caledon, Ontario, will soon be listed as an Advisor.


30 November 2017