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Trackers Earth Tom Brown III

22 February 2018
[The material below was gathered when Tom and Lisa were in Virginia.  We are working on an update from Oregon.]

Advisor Tom Brown III has been one of the testers of the first generation of our Anorak, and on 3 August 2016, Tom sent us some ideas for the 2nd generation of the Anorak. His note closed with this line about his own Anorak, used here, as always, with permission: “No matter what it is still my favorite Jacket of all times! Keep up the good work!!!”


Tom Brown III (T3) has been hard into all sorts of outdoor activities since he was knee-high to a grasshopper. As explained to us by Lisa Porter, one of Tom's colleagues, “Tom and Lisa currently live near the base of Mount Hood in northern Oregon. They work outside year-round in the rain and in the mountains educating youth and adults in nature connection, wilderness and earth skills for Trackers Earth of Portland, Oregon.”

Tom got one of our Al's Anoraks in October 2015. He published a short review of WeatherWool in Tactics and Preparedness Magazine, and below is the review he sent us in April 2016. Thank You Tom! --- We look forward visiting you and Lisa in Oregon!

When you spend as many days outside in the cold as I do you quickly learn that most cold weather gear is not designed for hardcore use. Most of it is designed for the "weekend warrior" types and may function just fine if you only see it a couple times a year and it sits in your closet the rest of the time. For instance, I once was given a well-known, brand-name Gore-tex winter parka. It looked good and kept me warm on sunny winter days. I wore it in the bush for a week in late winter and after 7 days of snow, rain and campfires it was a soggy, gross, melted mess.

I tell my students that hands down, the best fabric for hardcore outdoor cold weather use is wool. Wool keeps you warm even when it is wet. It is durable and quiet in the woods. It absorbs light and allows you to blend in better no matter what color it is. It is the only fabric I will stake my life on.

I have purchased many high-end wool garments in my day. After finding WeatherWool the buck has stopped here. I spent this last winter testing the Anorak. From teaching classes to farm work, running the tractor to shoveling snow the jacket never let me down. I was always warm and dry. In fact at times it was too warm! Since getting my hands on the Anorak I have traded away all of my other wool. Ralph and Debby have set up a top notch operation. From the sheep to the stitching it's founded on 100% American-made, sustainable and passionate practices. In these times where many companies are moving their operations overseas or south of the border, their principles to locality and quality will keep them here at home.

When I talk about WeatherWool and how much it costs people are a bit taken aback. What I have found during my lifetime outdoors is that in tools and clothes you get what you pay for. Yes, their garments are expensive. They also cost a lot to make. They cost more than money. Their very existence has been a labor of love on top of everything else it takes to work a small business. It's the best investment because they're made so well they will literally last you a long, long, long time. I would definitely rather pay a bigger upfront investment for one awesome garment than keep buying something new every few years. If you look at the cost of replacing a jacket every few years you will find it costs more. Break the cycle and choose American Made quality! In our society we have a say and make a difference by where we invest our hard earned dollars. Mine will continue to go to companies like WeatherWool. Quality made by people who have passion for what they are doing. Try ’em and see for yourself!


WeatherWool Advisor Tom Brown III T3 in his Als Anorak
In all these pictures, Tom wears Al's Anorak in
FullWeight Fabric, Solid DRAB Color.
Snow does not affect WeatherWool.
WeatherWool Advisor Tom Brown III T3 in his Als Anorak

WeatherWool Advisor Tom Brown III T3 in his Als Anorak
Above and below, Tom and a student construct a Debris Shelter.
WeatherWool Advisor Tom Brown III T3 in his Als Anorak

Below, Advisor Lisa Porter, who also now works at Trackers Earth,
breaks trail after a fierce snowstorm in the Winter of 2015-2016.
Lisa is wearing the first pair of Ladies Bibs ever made by WeatherWool.
These Bibs are in our proprietary LYNX Pattern.
WeatherWool Advisor Lisa Porter has our only pair of Women's Bibs

The pictures below were sent to us by Tom from Oregon.
WeatherWool Advisor Tom Brown in his Anorak following a mountain lion track
In February 2018, Tom found the tracks of a Mountain Lion that had walked right up his driveway in fresh snow. Tom backtracked the lion for a half-mile and the followed the tracks for a half-mile, until it started following a fresh deer trail. He left the track at that point, not wishing to interfere with the hunt.
Advisor Tom Brown plays Banjo in WeatherWool Pants and Al's Anorak
And this is our first music picture.  We didn't even know Tom played ... banjo or anything else!