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Past Skills

Bill McConnell's PAST Skills Wilderness School

28 June 2017

Bill phoned me in summer of 2015, saying he was going to be filming a TV Show and he would be wearing the best woolens he could find. He planned to search the market and let the manufacturers compete on quality. A few days later he called me again and said he had no doubt WeatherWool is the best and he was sure nobody would be sending anything else that would interest him.

We were both surprised when the producers of the Discovery Channel's hit show Dual Survival said he could wear WeatherWool for only one adventure. Still, that one adventure in the Chilean Andes has been very good for us.

Bill has been developing his Primitive Skills since he was a boy and now he runs the PAST (Philosophy, Awareness, Survival, Tracking) Skills Wilderness School in Montana.

Bill has probably worn WeatherWool in more conditions, activities and climates than anyone else. He called today and we talked for a while. He was glad to become an Advisor. He is spending significant time now with the Wounded Warriors Project, and told me he'd soon be sending a bunch more pictures.

WeatherWool Advisor Bill McConnell wore WeatherWool Al's Anorak in Lynx Pattern on Discovery Channel Dual Survivor in Patagonian ChileThis picture was taken in the Andes Mountains in extreme Southern Chile.
Reaching this lake marked the end of a successful survival trek
on TV's Dual Survival. 
Bill is wearing our Al's Anorak in LYNX Pattern.