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Holland Shooting School

Original Page, 18 September 2016
Most recent update, 13 April 2022

We met Darrell Holland when we were developing our first garments. He recognized the quality of our Fabric immediately, and looked over our line. At the time we had only the early versions of our All-Around Jacket, Pants, Basic Vest and Hats. Darrell is a very deliberate and precise guy, as serious shooters must be. His approach to clothing is no different. After examining our Vest he gave us a long list of ideas. Although none of us realized it at the time (maybe Darrell did!), that was the first glimmer of the Holland Shooters Vest (in development) right there. Darrell has tested our garments extensively, provided us with detailed feedback, and has shown WeatherWool to many people at his schools and organized outings. In May of 2017, Darrell agreed to be a WeatherWool Advisor.

Darrell even made a video for us where he introduces WeatherWool to his students.

Darrell spends a great deal of time in the field, in many different places and conditions. Darrell not only teaches hunting, shooting, outdoor and survival skills, but he leads outings in various places around the world. Darrell is the inventor of the Lightning Strike Fire Starter, widely regarded (see the fantastic reviews on Youtube!) as the best fire starter for the worst conditions. Darrell does not take his gear lightly, and so we are very pleased that he chooses to wear WeatherWool.

WeatherWool Advisor Darrell Holland Long Range Shooting School and All Around Jacket and Big Brim Boonie Hat in Lynx Pattern
In this photo Darrell is wearing an early All Around Jacket and Big Brim Boonie Hat, both in our Lynx Pattern.  He is actually displaying a backpack that he has designed himself.
WeatherWool Advisor Darrell Holland Long Range Shooting School and All Around Jacket
Darrell chose our All-Around Jac to hunt this mule deer.
The LYNX Pattern closely matches the naturally hard-to-see muley.