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Roots School

Their name, Roots School, suggests to me what they are about.  From the school's website: "Engage with Your Landscape, Grow Your Wilderness Skills, Craft a Handmade Life." Another great line on the home page: "Bringing you the Stone Age since 2007."

Roots School offers small-group classes and experiences for Children as young as 6, Teens, Adults and Educators ... people of all ages and backgrounds visit to develop Primitive and Traditional Skills in Self-Reliance, Survival, Tracking, Nature.

WeatherWool Advisor Brad Salon and Sarah Corrigan are the leaders at Roots, and they did not get acquainted with WeatherWool until September of 2017. We hope to hear a lot from them in the coming weeks.

Here are the website bios of Brad and Sarah:

Brad Salon
My work at Roots combines my love for wilderness and adventure, hard work with good folks, building with my hands, and constant problem solving. Although I have a love for all the skills I have devoted possibly too much time to flint knapping stone tools and find ever increasing complexity and challenges to pursue with that skill. I have a love of bow building, archery, and hunting, a skill that has tested me on every level. The skills of tracking and awareness are brought to bare in every skill I work. The Scout classes are near obsession for me, but you will see that should you attend. Learning to connect these skills to the present day, to the present conditions of the world, I strive to re-evaluate and grow my perspective. My work is done in the company of friends, all determined in their own ways to make the world a richer, healthier place. I started teaching wilderness skills in 2000. Aside from there skills I have a deep love for telling stories through the mediums of picture and video.
B.A. Individualized Studies, Goddard College, 2006

Sarah Corrigan
Sarah is an herbalist and primitive skills practitioner who has a focus on ethnobotanical studies. Informed by these land based arts, she finds they offer the rewards of self reliance through skill, responsibility and gratitude through growing and gathering, and the awe and wonder of things through the beauty of the natural world. In effect, that this interaction can educate us to being more capable, responsible, and healthier human beings. As a student and an educator, she remains passionate about continuous learning, and facilitating a student's relationship to the natural world through supporting their own learning processes.
B.A. Art History, Drew University, 2005
Vermont Center of Integrative Herbalism Clinical Herbalism 3 year program


 Brad Salon, proprietor or Vermont's Roots School, wearing a WeatherWool Al's Anorak in Lynx PatternIn these pictures, Brad is wearing his Al's Anorak in Lynx Pattern. He is also wearing a Wool Hat he felted himself. The bow, arrow and arrowhead were all also handmade by Brad. Check out Roots School if you'd like to learn to make your own Wool Hat or Traditional Archery gear or many other types of Ancient Knowledge.Brad Salon, proprietor or Vermont's Roots School, wearing a WeatherWool Al's Anorak in Lynx Pattern



20 November 2018