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Earth School Rich Cleveland


22 February 2017

Rich Cleveland is someone we have known since before we began work on WeatherWool. He has spent 30 years or so living very close to Nature and sharing his knowledge and experience with thousands of students. Check out his school at LoveTheEarth.com

Rich still has one of the first pairs of Pants we ever made, from way back when we were developing our Fabric. And in 2016 he got a couple of our Hats and a Hooded Jacket.

Rich takes his wild foods and natural medicines and survival skills very seriously. He teaches a wide variety of outdoors-related courses at his school in rural North Carolina, near Asheville.

WeatherWool Advisor Rich Cleveland in Hoodie and Big Brim BoonieRich and Stacey Phillips, who also teaches at The Earth School.
Rich and Stacey are enjoying the ‘front porch’ of a Debris Hut he built.
Rich is wearing Big Brim Boonie Hat and Hooded Jacket,
and Stacey is wearing a Boonie Hat.
WeatherWool Advisor Rich Cleveland

WeatherWool Advisor wearing pants made from developmental fabric
Knowing Rich, this buck was cared for properly, truly appreciated,
and his life was taken with great solemnity.
Rich is wearing some of the first Pants we ever made.
We had not yet finished development of our first Fabric at the time these pants were made. But we were also developing our DRAB Color, which we did sign off on prior to making these Pants.