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Batch 6

As always, our Fabric Production Process starts with the purchase of Greasy (or Raw) Wool, from our Ranchers.

Batch 6 Greasy was purchased in October 2019 by Private Treaty with Ranchers and Advisors Bob Padula and Andy McMurry. Mike Corn, also a Rancher and WeatherWool Advisor and partner at Roswell Wool, oversaw the sampling, testing and weighing of the greasy wool, and served as financial intermediary.

Batch 6 weights:

Batch 6 was scoured at Bollman Industries in Texas, yielding 2681 pounds (1216 kg) of clean fiber. This is a fantastic yield of 62.52%!!

At this writing, the Batch 6 Clean Fiber is in the warehouse at American Woolen Company in Connecticut, and we have just begun the process of turning this fiber into Fabric.

Batch 6 will be 2/3 MidWeight Lynx Fabric and 1/3 MidWeight Drab Fabric.

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20 May 2021 --- Ralph