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Batch 6

PLEASE NOTE: We had a big scare with the Hurricane Ida flooding, but Batch 6 is unaffected. Batch 7 had to be -- literally -- rescued from the aftermath of Hurricane Ida's flooding of Philadelphia. Batch 8 was still in the raw state in New Mexico when Philadelphia was flooded. But for technical reasons it was necessary to blend Batch 8 greasy with the Batch 7 previously-cleaned fiber so Batch 7 could be re-run through the scouring train. So Batches 7 and 8 have been combined into a much-larger Batch 7. Please click for info about the impact of Hurricane Ida on our production.

As always, our Fabric Production Process starts with the purchase of Greasy (or Raw) Wool, from our Ranchers.

Batch 6 Greasy was purchased in October 2019 by Private Treaty with Ranchers and Advisors Bob Padula and Andy McMurry. Mike Corn, also a Rancher and WeatherWool Advisor and partner at Roswell Wool, oversaw the sampling, testing and weighing of the greasy wool, and served as financial intermediary.

Batch 6 weights:

Batch 6 was scoured at Bollman Industries in Texas, yielding 2681 pounds (1216 kg) of clean fiber. This is a fantastic yield of 62.52%!!

Batch 6 is 2/3 MidWeight Lynx Fabric and 1/3 MidWeight Drab Fabric.

The process of turning our Clean Fiber into Fabric is managed by American Woolen Company in Connecticut.

Batch 6 was:

  • Dyed at Littlewood in Philadelphia
  • Spun into yarn by AWC
  • Woven by MTL in Pennsylvania
  • Returned to AWC for finishing

At this writing:

  • We are shipping Anoraks made by Factory8 in the Garment District of New York City
  • Better Team USA, of New Jersey, is making MidWeight CPO Shirts in both Drab and Lynx Pattern, and we expect to ship these garments in May
  • MidWeight Hooded Jackets in Lynx Pattern are in process with Factory8 and we hope to ship these in June

Because of problems with the virus and the hurricane, it will be more than 2.5 years between the purchase of Batch 6 greasy and the last production run with the tailors.

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Please click for the Production Status page.


5 April 2022 --- Ralph