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Better Team USA

WeatherWool has been working with Better Team USA since 2015.

As of April 2022, Better Team is making CPO Shirts for us.

Better Team was founded Horacio DiBattista, who has been working in the worldwide garment industry for over 50 years.

Better Team USA is managed by Horacio's son, Martin, and is within a half-hour's drive of WeatherWool HQ. Because we work very closely together, this proximity is a real asset.

Better Team has and continues to work with some very major clients, and they've gotten some great press by successfully delivering -- under serious time constraints -- the garments Ralph Lauren donated to the last two United States Winter Olympics Teams.

We'll be visiting again with Martin and his team shortly, and I'll get some photos. We'll build out this page some more in the coming weeks.


5 April 2022 --- Ralph