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Lending Library

Lending Library

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The items shown here will almost all be USED and some are Factory 2nd's (new but for the stated reason did not pass final Quality Control).

 Lending items for $30, which more or less covers shipping.  But we are getting more and more inquiries from outside USA.  If you are in another country, you are welcome to BUY from the Lending at whatever price is posted for that item, plus the full cost of shipping.  Buying from the Lending has to be done by phone or email with Alex or Ralph.

The idea of the Library is to let people try one of these items for a week or two, just to check out our stuff or maybe because it's needed for an upcoming trip. But anything in the Lending can be purchased outright, and that happens with increasing frequency.

The website will charge $30 to cover shipping, and we'll include a pre-paid return shipping label with the garment.

If you decide to buy the item, the cost is the price as shown, but we'll credit the $30 shipping. We'll need to work together directly to arrange purchase.

It's not necessary to pay a deposit on the garment.  Please either buy it or return it after a week or two.

The Library has become more popular than we expected.  If there are already two names next to an item (meaning someone has it and another person is waiting), please don't place an order.  Thanks.

Also, if you have a garment that might be useful for us to add to the lending collection, please contact Alex (Alex@WeatherWool.com / 862-849-8250). You can see how we handle trade-ins in the intro to our SPECIALS.

If you would like one of these items, please telephone us or place an online order with a NOTE telling us exactly which item you want. Please put your note in the box labeled "Add a note to your order". (Sometimes the NOTE does not reach us and in these cases we will contact you.)

Because of potential import duties, taxes and higher shipping costs, the Lending Library as described above is not really applicable outside the USA. But we can usually improvise purchase arrangements on a case-by-case basis for our friends without an American shipping address.

The listing for a garment that is "checked out", will show the order number and date it was sent, plus the first name and last initial of the person who has it. When a garment is returned that information is removed and it becomes available again.

A lot of the garments shown below are listed as New-Used (maybe a result of our Customer Service policies). Usually New-Used means the customer who made the original purchase held the garment for longer than 10 days or so. If a customer hangs onto a garment more than about 10 days before returning, even if it just sits unopened in the box, we count it as Used. Also, sometimes people tell us they returned it after only one day and only wore it to go shopping and to walk the dog one night. If a garment has been taken outdoors, no matter for how short a time, we will not sell it as new, and it will be listed on the Lending Library as New-Used.  If someone returns a garment immediately, but it has been soiled somehow, it counts as used.

We try to ship Lending pieces in presentable condition, but we don't spend time on them like we do with new.  If we did, we'd have to charge more and the lending would have a different sort of philosophy than now.  Similarly, we can't accept requests to notify someone if a particular item becomes available.

If you place an order for an item already "checked out", we'll usually let your order sit and mostly such orders will expire unpaid.  But we'll note that you are NEXT and if the item becomes available, we'll get in touch.

Lending items may be shipped in a recycled box, which seems appropriate.

One other thing ... Ralph often ships Lending pieces, but he's terrible at packing. Please don't hold it against him (me!!).

THANKS -- Alex --- 862-849-8250, orders@WeatherWool.com

                 Ralph --- 973-943-3110, Ralph@WeatherWool.com

The following is available for the Lending Library right now (3/28/2024):

ALL-AROUND JACKETS (always FullWeight Fabric)

  • All-Around Jacket / Small / Drab ... Virtually new.  $750.
  • All-Around Jacket / Small / Drab ... a few years old but barely worn.  $700.
  • All-Around Jacket / Small / Duff (this is our older color, similar to Brown, but not as dark).  Excellent condition, very little wear but probably three years old.  $700 (sending to Matt A.  --- 16 Feb 2024 --- #18787)
  • All-Around Jacket / Large and Double Hood, Drab.  Some use but fine shape.  $875 for the Jacket and Hood.(Sending to Scott S for Canada trip --- 4 Nov 2023 --- #15786 ... updated 3/1 ... will ship back to WW on 3/9.) ---  (Next:  Emilio O --- 9 Nov 2023 --- #16170) (Next up is Shannon/Sherry ... #12609 for customer ID details)
  • All-Around Jacket / 2XLarge / Brown. Slight use. $725
  • All-Around Jacket / 2XLarge / Drab Green. New-Used. Very good, little use, $725
  • All-Around Jacket / 3XL / Drab Green - Lightly Used. - $755


  • Al's Anorak / Small / Lynx - FullWeight. Very good shape, but does have some wear on it. $475. (Third --- Dylan L --- 3 March 2024 --- #18963)
  • Al's Anorak / Small / Lynx - MidWeight - Very good condition $475  (Sending to Tom M on 15 July 2023 for his family's Cross-Australia Horseback Expedition and Fundraiser, expected to conclude in late 2024. They are posting on Instagram as @RoughAndStumble) (NOT AVAILABLE NOW)
  • Al's Anorak / Small / Drab - FullWeight. Very good shape. Very little wear. $575.
  • Al's Anorak / Medium / Black - FullWeight - Some Use, but fine shape.  $525
  • Al's Anorak / Medium / Drab - FullWeight - Like New.  $555 (Ted D --- 15 Feb 2024 --- #18761)
  • Al's Anorak / Medium / Drab - FullWeight - Fine condition.  $525. (Dustin M. # 19307) -- #19311 next.
  • Al's Anorak / Medium / Drab Green - MidWeight - Good condition.  $400 (Arlan M will bring this Rak as he attempts the entire Appalachian Trail beginning 15 Feb 2024!!!)
  • Al's Anorak / Medium / Drab Green - MidWeight - Customer wore it 3 times and decided he wanted a full-front zip. $575 (Reserved until 15 March 2025 for purchase by Tim C, ref #18724)
  • Al's Anorak / Medium / Natural White - MidWeight - Almost-new condition.  Customer held it a month before deciding it was too small.  $575 (Ernest E --- 2 Feb 2024 --- #18547)
  • Al's Anorak / Medium / Natural White - MidWeight - Close to new condition.  Customer wore it only a few times.  $555 (Matt A.  --- 7 March 2024 --- #18991)
  • Al's Anorak / Large / Drab Green - FullWeight - One of our earliest Anoraks with only one chest pocket.  Years of use still in it, tho.  $325 (Jon H --- 18 Feb 2024 --- #18814)
  • Al's Anorak / XLarge / Drab Green - MidWeight - Used a little.  Another guy who kept the wool for a month, seems to have used it somewhat, then decided he wanted a new size. $525 (Sending to Ollan R. --- 8 Dec 2023 --- #17002) (Next:  Neal S [from order #16628] for any XLarge Anorak --- 13 Dec 2023)
  • Al's Anorak / 3XL / Black - FullWeight.  A year old, some use, but still fine shape.  $525
  • Al's Anorak / 3XL / Brown - FullWeight.  Some use, but still fine shape.  $525
  • Al's Anorak / 3XL / Duff - FullWeight.  Very good condition. $525.



  • Basic Vest / Small / Drab / MidWeight.  Barely Used.  $325
  • Basic Vest / Small / Drab / FullWeight.  New/Used.  $325



  • CPO / XSmall / Lynx - MidWeight - Some use, much life left.  $325
  • CPO / Small / Drab - MidWeight - Almost new.  $375
  • CPO / Small / Lynx - MidWeight - New, but the front pockets are slightly mis-aligned ... one just a little higher than the other.  So, this is a factory-second.  $425
  • CPO / Small / Lynx - MidWeight - New/Used.  Never actually used, but customer held it 15 days before decided to switch to Medium.  $395 (Ted M --- 27 March 2024 --- #19226)
  • CPO / Small / Lynx - MidWeight - 2nd's ... the button holes needed repair. Now fixed. $350 (Sending to Tom M on 15 July 2023 for his family's Cross-Australia Horseback Expedition and Fundraiser, expected to conclude in late 2024. They are posting on Instagram as @RoughAndStumble) (NOT AVAILABLE NOW).
  • CPO / XLarge / Lynx - MidWeight - New/Used.  Customer had for 15 months but didn't wear it.  Previous style with buttons that secure the corners of the collar. $375 (Justin N --- 16 Feb 2024 --- #18795) (Next:  Cade C --- 16 Feb 2024 --- #18797) (AND ... PJ will buy ASAP ... contact info #16845)


  • Hooded Jacket / Size Medium / MidWeight Lynx Pattern Fabric - This almost-new Hooded Jacket was worn a few times for just a few days then customer decided he needed to switch to Large. $475  (Sending to Tom M on 15 July 2023 for his family's Cross-Australia Horseback Expedition and Fundraiser, expected to conclude in late 2024. They are posting on Instagram as @RoughAndStumble(NOT AVAILABLE NOW) 

  • Ladies' Blanket Coat  / Size Small / FullWeight Drab.  Very Slight Use.  $625
  • Ladies' Blanket Coat  / Size Medium / FullWeight Brown with Natural Merino Trim - This prototype was worn a few times. Coat measures 42 inches across chest.   It has blanket stitching  around entire outer trim (which was later removed from production coat).   $575 - (Matt A. #18787)


  • Mouton Hood / Lynx pattern.  The 2 sides of the hood for the Lynx were accidentally sewn inside-out. (Factory 2nd's) - $300. --- (# 19257 - Theodore D. 4/1/24).



  • Peacoat / Large / Black - Good condition (seen a little use, but that's about it). - $725 - (#19335 - Dylan L. 4/11/24.)


  • ShirtJac / Large / Drab - New-Used.  $475.  (Daniel T --- 21 April 2024 --- #19392)


21 April 2024 --- Ralph, Alex

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