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WeatherWool Anorak is available at a special price for donations to military, for purchase by Active Duty Military for Active Duty, and for Disabled Vets

WarriorWool Anorak Donation for Active Military

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The WarriorWool Program supplies our Anorak to personnel within the United States Military who are spending their personal money and who will wear the Anorak for Active Duty. The WarriorWool Program is also open to personnel within other government agencies whose work is sometimes similar to the work of the Military.

Anyone in the US Military is eligible for the program -- and we think they are all GREAT! -- but it seems it is mostly Special Forces who can wear WeatherWool. If you can help us expand the program, please get in touch! We have added DEA,  DSS and OST because their work is often so similar to Military. Also, we will be glad to speak with anyone interested in the same sort of program to benefit the many strong Allies of the USA.

We are honored that Al's Anorak has been tested, used and is desired by members of multiple units in the United States Military. Here is feedback we received from a member of Special Operations Command in Afghanistan (BLUF means Bottom Line Up Front):

"BLUF: The coats are phenomenal and all the guys that wear them absolutely love them. ... My entire detachment continues to request additional coats and Hats." 

We consider those words a great honor.

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At present, we can direct Anoraks to:

You designate where you would like your donation to be sent when you order. Donations will be distributed by our contacts. We'll decide size, color, weight.

We expect donors will be thanked personally by the recipient, but we cannot make such contact a condition of donation. Donors can remain anonymous if they so choose. The Anoraks will be sent to people that I know who are either currently serving with these groups, or retired but still in touch with those on Active Duty.

If you are Active Duty Military and interested in our Anorak for your own kit, please phone us so we can figure size/color/Fabric weight.  Also, please get in touch if you can help us grow this program!

For complete information and functional specs on the Anorak, or if you wish to make a "normal" purchase of an Anorak, please visit the main Anorak page.  (US Military Veterans and those currently serving receive a 5% "thank you" credit on all WeatherWool.)

For the WarriorWool Donation Program, the Anorak can be purchased for $365, which is a basically break-even price for us. People may be surprised that $365 is a barely break-even price ... what we are doing is expensive ... and our regular direct-to-customer price for the Anorak is far below standard industry margins.

Thank you for considering this donation.

An Operator who purchased through the WeatherWool WarriorWool Program said the Anorak "is perfect for bugging out because of its versatility."An Operator who purchased his own Anorak through our WarriorWool Program sent this picture.  He said the Anorak "is perfect for bugging out because of its versatility."


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30 May 2019