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WarriorWool Donations

I started this page in September of 2019 ... we'll show where WarriorWool Program donations have been going, and indicate (more or less) who the donors are.

The WarriorWool Program has been going for years, and there are dozens of pieces of WarriorWool out there already. Maybe eventually I'll do some backfilling of the info. But for now, the info here starts in September, 2019.


  • A member of the Antiterrorism Training Support Group of the Expeditionary Combat Readiness Center in South Carolina bought an Anorak for himself, January 2020

  • An Emergency Services Physician for the Diplomatic Security Service purchased an Anorak for himself, November 2019.

  • Jack and Paula from Illinois to USMC Scout Snipers, November 2019

  • Advisor Dave Canterbury operates the Pathfinder School where he and his assistants teach a wide variety of wilderness and survival skills. Dave and his staff normally wear WeatherWool. Sometime in October of 2019, Dave was teaching a group of US Military Personnel ... people who have a lot of flexibility regarding what they wear on Active Duty. The students tried out Dave's Anorak, and liked it a lot, so he gave it to them.

  • $30 from William in Maine on Sep 27, 2019
    $50 from Tim from in New York on Sep 30, 2019
    $50 from Nick in Cleveland on Nov 13, 2019
    Balance from WeatherWool to a new officer in the USMC, November, 2019

15 January 2020