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WeatherWool Double Hood attaches to jacket collar with three buttons
Side view of WeatherWool's Double Hood, in Drab Merino Jacquard Fabric
WeatherWool Double Hood has two layers of FullWeight Merino Jacquard Fabric
Model shown with WeatherWool Double Hood attached to All Around Jacket in Drab

Double Hood


The WeatherWool Double Hood is $225

At present we have only the Solid Drab Color.

You can place a no-obligation backorder at a price of 0 on this page.  Please click for more information on Backorders and Inventory and Production Status.

The WeatherWool Double Hood is seriously warm! Made with two layers of our own FullWeight Merino Jacquard Fabric, the Double Hood resists extreme snow, sleet, rain, water and wind.

Our jackets and outer vests have three buttons in the back, under the fold of  the collar. The Double Hoods have corresponding buttonholes.

The Hood is large and the flaps fasten in the front, just under the chin. There are draw cords at the sides than can pull the Hood down and in closer to the head.

The first couple of hoods we made used only one layer of our Fabric. But then we decided that when you want a hood, you want a HOOD. Adding the second layer of Fabric makes the Double Hood pretty well bulletproof. Anything short of really insane weather really doesn't get through it. Also, most people will wear it over our Ball Cap or something similar, which further protects the head.

Weighs 14 oz (0.4 kg)

One size fits everyone.

At present, we have on hand now only a few Double Hoods, all in the Solid Drab Color. We will make more Double Hoods, but that is probably months down the road. You are welcome to order any Double Hood. If you order a Hood in Black or Duff or Lynx Pattern at a price of 0, we'll contact you when we prepare to make more Double Hoods. Thank You.

Care and Cleaning


More pictures and details about WeatherWool Construction


23 June 2020