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WeatherWool offers Blankets in a full range of sizes from Crib and Swaddling Blankets up to King Size Blankets … all made from our 100% Merino Jacquard Fabric.  Made in USA as always!
WeatherWool offers Blankets in a full range of sizes from Crib and Swaddling Blankets up to King Size Blankets … all made from our 100% Merino Jacquard Fabric.  Made in USA as always!
"Action Shot" of WeatherWool Queen Blanket at Better Team USA (tailor) shop



Small Blankets ($195) available now: Classic Brown FullWeight. Drab Green, MidWeight and FullWeight.

  • Medium Blanket ($295): Lynx FullWeight
  • Queen Blankets ($1000) available now in MidWeight Drab Green, with Drab Green borders
  • King Blankets ($1200) available now in MidWeight Drab Green with Drab Green borders

Larger Blankets are generally made-to-order.  If we have the Fabric, we need about three weeks to make them.

      The Blanket story, for us ... We did not plan to make Blankets but people wearing WeatherWool asked for them, and they were very well received.

      Andy McMurry, one of our Advisors and Ranchers, mentioned to us some research that wool's thermoregulatory properties help infants and adults sleep better. We did find a link to material published by Woolmark, a division of Australian Wool Innovation. Other studies also indicate that wool helps babies sleep better, offering protection from cold, heat and moisture. There is also some very interesting info available from the people at Wool Sleeping Bag ... and THANKS to them!! The link will bring you to a page on their website entitled Wool Sleeping Bag Advantage. I've just lately started a new Wool and Sleep page on this site. We'd be very interested to know about any other studies regarding wool bedding or sleepwear.

      Blankets can be made from any of our Fabrics.  These blankets are not scratchy and almost everyone will find them comfortable against bare skin. 

      Below video features our medium size blanket in mid weight.

      *double click/tap video for full frame

      In the video, Cody's Blanket is MidWeight Lynx Pattern

      We are happy that Blankets are now becoming a regular production offering.

      • Small Size Blanket: Suitable for carrying in a pack, for a seat or as a doubled seat. Perfect size for baby crib/swaddle ... 36 inches (117 cm) wide by 50 inches (152 cm) long. $195. In FullWeight, the Blanket weighs 1 pound, 12 ounces (792 grams) and in MidWeight 1 pound 2 ounces (509 grams) . Pictured at left in the Small Blanket is my grandson, Kong, when he was a newborn.
      • Shemagh  MidWeight: about 53 inches (135 cm) square. Simple serging on edges. 1 pound 12 ounces.  Great for a wide range of uses from sling to blanket to shawl; available in MidWeight Drab Green and MidWeight Lynx.   Please visit the Shemagh page for full information, and to order. $225
      • Medium Size Blanket: Suitable for camping or picnic blanket or to wrap one or two people sitting fireside or watching a ball game. 50 inches (127 cm) by 70 inches (178 cm). $295. The FullWeight Medium Blanket weights 3 pounds, 3 ounces (1443 grams) and in MidWeight, 2 pounds 2 ounces (962 grams).
      • Twin Bed Blanket: 66 inches / 168 cm by 90 inches / 229 cm. (A Twin Bed mattress is 38 inches / 97 cm by 75 inches / 191 cm).  $700. A Twin Blanket in MidWeight Fabric weighs 4 pounds, 11 ounces (2.12 kg).
      • Double/Full Bed Blanket: 80 inches / 203 cm by 90 inches / 229 cm. (A Double mattress is 54 inches / 137 cm by 75 inches / 191 cm). $900
      • Queen Bed Blanket: 90 inches / 229 cm by 100 inches / 254 cm. (A Queen Mattress is 60 inches / 152 cm by 80 inches / 203 cm.) This size Blanket is shown in the photo taken with the tailors when we were all looking things over. $1000
      • King Bed Blanket: 108 inches / 274 cm by 100 inches 254 cm. (A King mattress is 76 inches / 193 cm by 80 inches / 203 cm). $1200
      • Custom Blanket: Please give us a call to design a Blanket together

      Our bolts of Fabric are about 53 inches (135 cm) wide, excluding selvedge ... and so blankets wider than that need to incorporate some kind of design that enables panels of Fabric to be joined together, as shown in the photos of the Queen Blankets.

      • The Lynx Fabric Blankets in larger sizes (Twin, Double, Queen, King) will have borders in Brown or in Lynx
      • Drab Green Blankets will have Black or Drab borders. 
      • Classic Brown Blankets will have Brown or Black borders.
      • Black Blankets will have Black borders.
      • If you would like different border colors, please give us a call.

      The Queen Blanket in FullWeight Fabric in the photo at the tailor shop weighed about 10 pounds (4.5 kg).

      Care and Cleaning

      Details about WeatherWool Construction

      Here is more information about ordering out-of-stock garments, about our production status, and about online ordering in general. --- Thanks -- Ralph

      12 June, 2024 --- Ralph and alex*

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews Write a review

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Bruce D in TN
      Hasn't left my side

      I got a medium in full weight. The best blanket ever which is exactly what I was expecting. Everyone should have a blanket it throw in this amazing wool. I have used it every night since. I might love sleeping on top of it more than sleeping with it as a blanket. I want one more so I have the top and bottom covered!

      Postpartum dream

      I bought this for my toddler because she sweats during her naps but not at night. I ended up stealing this blanket from her to deal with my postpartum hot and cold flashes. I love that I'm not throwing my blankets and clothes off and on in the middle of the night anymore.

      I was skeptical about the price at first, so I ordered the sample. The Lynx is gorgeous. I'm truly sleeping better because I'm not waking up as much anymore. I'm afraid I'll have to buy more of these for everyone in our house.

      Clay C
      Sleep Like a Baby

      Wife likes it cooler than me at night and the Stadium Blanket is the perfect solution. I don’t get hot as wool breathes so much better than synthetics but adds little (or no) bulk.

      The Perfect Blanket

      I purchased the Adult Stadium blanket for my wife and she absolutely loves it. A typical night sleep for my wife involves bundling up under the covers (she's warms natured) and then kicking her feet out or rolling over to cool whatever part of her body is now feeling likes it's in a sauna. This led to many nights of sub par sleep due to her restless attempts to regulate her body temp.

      With the Weatherwool blanket it has really helped regulate her temperature and led to much better nights of sleep. The blanket is weighty and soft and doesn't have the typical itch that is associated with wool. It might seem high dollar for average Joe's like me, but trust me the overall quality of the product and all the benefits that come from wool is worth every penny. Buy one and you'll have no regrets I promise.