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Women's Working Group

We have been working on several women's garments over the years, and the Women's Working Group (Women's Design Group) has been giving us input as to the general style of Jacket to take into production. The favored overall design has been a Thigh Length Jacket. This happens to also be the general design we have always most favored ourselves ... the Ladies Field Jacket.   We hope to make a production run of these Jackets in 2022.

Please click over to the Ladies Field Jacket page and give us your thoughts on some of the other design details.

As always, feel free to phone anytime with your ideas. And if you don't already know WeatherWool, please phone us or click here for Free Samples of our Fabric. Our company is based on our pure Rambouillet Merino Fabric, which is uniquely Hardcore Luxury® ... delivering serious protection from the elements and great durability along with luxurious comfort and feel.

There is no commitment to purchase to participate in the group. 

Major ideas:

  • Suitable for a wide range of activities, social settings and weather conditions
  • Pretty and practical
  • Made from any of our FullWeight Fabrics in Solid Colors Black, Drab, Duff or our own proprietary LYNX Pattern.
  • Please call us in the USA at 831-704-1776 (anytime, 24/7) or mail Debby@WeatherWool.com for more information.

We invite all interested women (or men, actually) to participate. If you don't already know WeatherWool, that's not a problem. We can send you Fabric samples ... once people see and touch our Fabric, they know what we are about. People generally have not encountered Fabric like ours ... as our friends at American Trench put it, WeatherWool Fabric “is crazy soft with almost a cashmere feel but wears like armor.”

We are seeking women who know what it means to be in the Weather ... to handle what Mother Nature dishes out ... regardless of their types of activities. We are also seeking women who are known in outdoors-oriented circles, for the obvious reason that they can help us get the word out. But we also hope to work with women who are less hardcore-outdoors and more oriented toward comfort, style and luxury. We hope that some of the women in the group will also become WeatherWool Advisors. If you would like to help, please get in touch! You can phone us anytime, or Debby@WeatherWool.com

Here are some of the women in the group who have given permission to list their names:

THANKS! --- Debby, Ralph, Alex, Denali

13 April 2022 --- Ralph