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WeatherWool Advisor Melissa Miller / Melissa Backwoods is a lifelong outdoorswoman, outdoors instructor and successful competitor of TV Naked & Afraid

Melissa Miller (Melissa Backwoods)

Michigan, Fenton (Central Michigan)

Twitter: @melissabackwood  (no "s" at the end)

Specialties: Ms Miller is a university-level instructor of outdoor skills ... wild foods, nature appreciation, plant identification, survival, tracking. And she is a living example of the power of determination and a positive attitude. She has successfully endured the rigors of the Amazon Jungle on TV's "Naked and Afraid".

Melissa is an outdoors professional with her own page on our website. She is also a member of our Women's Design Group.

Melissa has a growing reputation in the worlds of survival, wild foods and Nature appreciation.  She was so popular on Discovery Channel's extreme survival series Naked and Afraid (completing 21- and 40-day challenges) that she now part of the Discovery Channel team.

Like us here at WeatherWool, Melissa loves the intimate connection with Nature that is achieved by consuming Wild Foods. But she takes the connection a lot farther than we do in that she also has great experience using Natural Resources in true survival situations.

As of this writing, Melissa has suddenly gone off-grid again, until sometime in August, 2018.

25 September 2018