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The best places to see independent WeatherWool reviews, lots of them, with new ones coming out steadily, are Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and the many websites and web forums. But I put a review here from time to time.

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Great note from Ron Espenschied (11 June 2020), who works outdoors professionally, year-round, in a lot of places:
I can't say enough good things about my ShirtJac!

This spring I drove from Boston to Cabo San Lucas in a vintage truck, no heat, no air, and the ShirtJac was my only outer garment.  During the trip I was rained on, snowed on, and used the ShirtJac as insulating layer in my swag bag which I camped in from temps in the single digits [-15C] to the low 50's [12C], not only did the ShirtJac keep me warm and dry, but the Lynx Pattern did not look out of place in a Boston pub or Cabo beach. This is one quality garment that I will depend on for many years to come! Thanks again for working with me on my custom ShirtJac.


PS please feel free to use this email as a comment on your products.   

Feedback (AAJ and ShirtJac) from Sam Matte as of 8 May 2020:
I’ve been loving my All-Around jacket, I’ve used it literally everywhere. It really is a functional piece both in the presentation room and outdoors. They were presentations for my college classes where I was required to wear business casual clothing. The AAJ is particularly handsome over a button down shirt and vest. I’ve also used the ShirtJac in the Lynx Pattern for multiple presentations last school year and this school year. At the end of this week I will graduate from the University of Houston with a bachelors degree in public relations! 

My friends and co-workers could not resist the urge to touch and comment on both garments. I also used both on a recent trip in December to Big Bend National Park and the McDonald Observatory. I wore both the ShirtJac and AAJ over a Merino Henley Sweater at the Observatory where the temperatures were just above freezing, around 38 F. Everyone around me was freezing, I was extremely comfortable and warm. I’ve never been that warm in wool without using any synthetic insulation! 

When temps creeped up to 78 F at Big Bend National Park, I wore just the ShirtJac and did not expect to be comfortable in wool at such heat. Weather wool is incredibly versatile stuff, and I can not believe I can wear it next to my skin. Please feel free to quote anything I say, these garments are worth every penny.


8 April 2020 ... Outdoor Pro Matt Mercer
"WeatherWool represents the very best quality in wool outerwear! I own the Full Weight ShirtJac and have been nothing short of amazed with it’s performance. As a professional survival and bushcraft instructor, I spend a good deal of time out in the elements. Having the proper clothing many times makes the difference between success and failure. In the worst of situations it could mean the difference between life and death. WeatherWool indeed provides the best quality wool clothing to ensure your success. Ralph and his family run a first class business and will go out of their way to help you. I wholeheartedly recommend WeatherWool."

Outdoor Professional Matt Mercer, an instructor with Dave Canterbury's Pathfinder School, "wholeheartedly" recommends WeatherWool


18 October 2019
Customer Ziad "Z" Kerala just sent us a great review of his ShirtJac ... Z has several pieces of WeatherWool but focused on the ShirtJac here:

Hi Ralph,

First, I wanted to thank you and your family for the great product you folks are putting together. When I first got your Anorak in Full Weight, I couldn't believe how warm it is. I liked the functionality of it and the easy to wear it comparing to another wool anoraks.
But what I liked the most was the fabric and the fact that everything is made here in the USA! it is soft, yet it is strong and DENSE!

Fast forward, I ordered a ShirtJac in FullWeight about a month ago for the purpose of wearing in the deer stand where it can get cold and freezing sometimes (here in upstate NY)... Since then, I never stop wearing it. I first wore it to work after picking it up from the mail, and got hooked.

I thought I am wearing a real jacket but without looking or feeling bulky. I got to wear it in up north in the duck opening weekend, in the camp where we sat and hang out outside all the time.
The temp at night dropped around low 30s and everyone was wearing their heavy weight waterfowl jacket, except me - I had a cotton shirt under that ShirtJac and I was warm!!

Even the guys start giving compliments about the "coat", they even start feeling it. It was weird, since that was the first time, we (the boys) do that hahaha. We never cared about the cloth or the outfit, but this shirt (or the coat as they described it) brought their attention.

I have a long hunting season a head of me and I will be reporting more but I have not even a slight doubt about its performance.

I know some will find it expensive, but look at other wool Shirts around and you find yourself stealing it for what you are getting.
It is very important that we understand the wool fiber and how it is becoming a fabric before making the garment. This fabric is THE top notch!! it is a real 100% wool - and not just any type of wool, it is from the finest of all sheep breeds.

Ziad "Z"

16 February 2019
I should have posted this back in November, but anyway ... Here is correspondence between me and customer Jim Bonney: 

November 9, 2018
Hi again!

Just got my medium weight shirt jac about an hour ago. It’s perfect. The cut is amazing. You lengthened what needed to be lengthened, the buttons are rock solid, the medium weight fabric is perfect for my needs and the Lynx pattern is nothing short of extraordinary. I’m keeping the three business cards of yours I have in the chest pocket so when I’m asked about this shirt I can hand them out. Simply fantastic. Can’t wait to test the performance of the fabric in the rain.

Thanks a lot! This will be my go to woolen for the rest of my life or until you release more hoodies. Truly well done!

Jim B

On Fri, Nov 9, 2018 at 12:57 PM <ralph@weatherwool.com> wrote:
THANKS JIM! --- Can we put this on the website? With your name? 

Either way, we really, really appreciate the feedback and the support! It makes a big difference to a small family company.

We hope you wear the ShirtJac in great health for many years! ---- Ralph & Family

From: Jim Bonney <jimbobonney@gmail.com> 
Sent: Friday, November 9, 2018 4:51 PM
To: ralph@weatherwool.com
Subject: Re: WeatherWool

Please do!

I’ll touch base with you after the first of the year and I’ve used it in the rain, snow and sleet we get in winter around here. For Christmas all I’m asking for is WeatherWool gift cards.

I expected high quality but I have to admit I feel like I robbed you.


On Fri, Nov 9, 2018 at 2:01 PM < ralph@weatherwool.com> wrote: 
Ohhhhh …. That last line is a killer!!

Have an awesome Holiday season! ---- What a fantastic time of year! ---- THANKS ---- Ralph
On Fri, Nov 9, 2018 at 3:09 PM Jim Bonney < jimbobonney@gmail.com> wrote: 
Thanks, you too! 

On Nov 21, 2018, at 12:35, Jim Bonney <jimbobonney@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi again Ralph, 

I can’t seem to stop pestering you. So far the performance of this shirt jac has been what I would normally call unbelievable. For such a thin material this stuff retains body heat to a degree that I would have thought not possible. By itself it’s more effective than two similarly thick smartwool sweaters stacked on top of each other under my waxed Carhartt work jacket. 

Unreal. Happy thanksgiving! 

On Wed, Nov 21, 2018 at 9:45 AM Ralph - WeatherWool <ralph@weatherwool.com> wrote:
Huge thanks for these kind words, Jim!!! We really really appreciate it! 
If anything goes wrong, we are here!
All the Best to you and yours for Thanksgiving! ---- Ralph, Debby, Alex, Denali 
26 November 2018
Hi again Ralph,

Got my first opportunity to use Weatherwool in the rain. 40 degrees, 1 hour, light stroll, no problem. Used your ball cap and gaiter as well. This stuff does exactly what you say it does. I’ve never encountered a fabric like this before. It’s truly remarkable and you win, I’ll be a customer as long as it exists.

I know you put me on the waiting list for a hoodie. I had said before I wanted a Lynx fullweight. I don’t know if you’re keeping track of colors but I’d like to switch to black. I’d like to make it my outdoor work jacket. As much I love Lynx I find myself babying the beautiful ShirtJac mainly because of how pretty the Lynx pattern is. I think I’ll be more inclined to wear the hoodie when I need it the most if it’s plain black vs your amazing Lynx pattern. 

I can’t pay you a higher compliment than to say if I’m stuck during the daily grind outside in the wet and cold I want your product. Nobody makes what you’re making. Your hoodie is priced at a bargain considering what else is out there for legit weatherproof work clothes. It’s hardly more than a Filson cotton jacket. 

Maybe I’ll get lucky and win the lottery, then I can buy the whole line of goods. Til then I’ll build my WeatherWool stash like Johnny Cash built his Cadillac.

All the best and can’t wait to get more WeatherWool!


12 February 2019
Jerry Fisk might actually be America's best-respected knife maker, which is saying A LOT!! Jerry has been wearing one of our MidWeight ShirtJacs and he put these words on Instagram a couple of days ago, when he used his ShirtJac as a backdrop for presenting one of his awesome knives:  "The background is a lynx pattern Weatherwool shirt jacket. I am a wool person. It will last 3 to 4 times longer, is absolutely the best material you can wear in the Bush. Weatherwool is the best wool shirts I have worn. And, no, I am not on the payroll. But I do know quality when it is my hands."

11 February 2018
We just got a really nice and surprising review of the ShirtJac from a Commercial Diver who works year round on the lower Mississippi River. He uses the ShirtJac before and after diving, during construction work, and even WHILE DIVING!

January 2019
Here is a review published by Explore Magazine and written by Kevin Callan, the magazine's field editor and a well-known tester of outdoor products.

And a comment sent to us by Bruce Carlson:  "Received my XL Lynx wool ShirtJac yesterday. Wore it to work today. 5-6 compliments….everyone wanted to 'touch' it!'"

Leo Grizzaffi, writer
Leo Grizzaffi is a very well-known outdoor writer.   He's been testing our ShirtJac and introducing WeatherWool at his many appearances.   On this occasion, he had presented an award of a very valuable historical handgun to this beaming Lady.   The ShirtJac in FullWeight LYNX Pattern Fabric makes a great  substitute for a suit jacket.

Leo commented that the ShirtJac is warm when needed and cool when needed and generates a lot of interest.



December 2015

Garrett Riffle, one of the Founders of Up Mountain Switchel :

“Yeah, you guys really nailed it with the lynx pattern. Non-Camo minded folk don't even see it as camo, more a complex and organic looking pattern … the jacket was a huge hit at the party. Everybody loved it! WeatherWool is breaking into high fashion! I told many people what the jacket was and your website. The compliments keep coming in. Everything from “I like your jacket” “cool coat” to “that jacket is straight fire!!!” fire meaning it’s “hot”. Anyway. Lynx is a hit!”