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ShirtJac Reviews

Leo Grizaffi, writer

Leo Grizzaffi is a very well-known outdoor writer.   He's been testing our ShirtJac and introducing WeatherWool at his many appearances.   On this occasion, he had presented an award of a very valuable historical handgun to this beaming Lady.   The ShirtJac in FullWeight LYNX Pattern Fabric makes a great  substitute for a suit jacket.

Leo commented that the ShirtJac is warm when needed and cool when needed and generates a lot of interest.



December 2015

Garrett Riffle, one of the Founders of Up Mountain Switchel :

“Yeah, you guys really nailed it with the lynx pattern. Non-Camo minded folk don't even see it as camo, more a complex and organic looking pattern … the jacket was a huge hit at the party. Everybody loved it! WeatherWool is breaking into high fashion! I told many people what the jacket was and your website. The compliments keep coming in. Everything from “I like your jacket” “cool coat” to “that jacket is straight fire!!!” fire meaning it’s “hot”. Anyway. Lynx is a hit!”