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Schools and Instructors


Tom Brown III (T3) has been living close to Nature since he was a toddler. Tom has lived in his WeatherWool from coast to coast now and is currently teaching and caretaking land in Oregon for Trackers Earth. He published a nice review of WeatherWool, and he has given us a great endorsement for our website too. Tom is also a WeatherWool Advisor.

Rich Cleveland of The Earth School is someone we have known for several years and he got some of the very first WeatherWool Pants we made. We cringe to see those Pants now, but Rich says they are still doing the job. I think it's time to get Rich into some true production WeatherWool. Rich wore those test Pants in North Carolina for whitetail. Rich is a WeatherWool Advisor.

Darrell Holland is a professional outdoorsman, lecturer and instructor on shooting and survival and outdoor skills. Darrell is the proprietor of Holland Shooters School and Supply, and publisher of the very popular Holland Long Range Newsletter. At this point, Darrell might be best-known for his invention of the Lightning-Strike Fire Starter, which is widely regarded as the best spark-based fire starter ever ... check the Youtube reviews! Darrell was one of the first outdoors pros to wear WeatherWool, and he has been a big booster of our products as well as a source of ideas. Darrell actually put his initial review of WeatherWool on Youtube. Recently Darrell bought a quantity of Fabric from us and is developing a Shooter's Vest that we will produce and market together. Darrell is a bundle of 60-mile-per-hour expertise and enthusiasm and he is fun to be around. We're really looking forward to the Holland Shooter's Vest. Darrell has effectively been an Advisor since long before we formalized the role.

Bill McConnell, founder and owner of Past Skills Wilderness School, gave us a huge endorsement when he decided WeatherWool was what he wanted to wear for his debut on the hit TV Show Dual Survival. Unlucky for us, Bill later found out the producers of the show would only allow him to wear WeatherWool for one adventure. But still, it has been a kick for us to see WeatherWool on TV. I even saw people watching “our episodes” on a flight. Bill is a WeatherWool Advisor, but he is usually off-grid somewhere so ...

William Myers is a general outdoorsman and instructor who runs Mantis Outdoors. He tested his first pieces of WeatherWool in about February of 2017, and quickly became one of our boosters, and an Advisor. William is working on some video reviews of our products, and we look forward to soon linking them here. He did send us a couple of general pictures that give a sense of William and Mantis Outdoors.

Firsher Neal, Learn to Hunt, NYC


14 June 2021 --- Ralph