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WeatherWool Fabric Samples -- Free
WeatherWool Fabric Samples -- Free
WeatherWool Fabric Samples -- Free
WeatherWool Fabric Samples -- Free
WeatherWool is very much a family business!!  Belle, age 4, the youngest member of the family, does a wonderful and very enthusiastic job preparing Fabric Samples Booklets and applying shipping labels to the WeatherWool Fabric Sample Packs!
WeatherWool is very much a family business!!  Belle, age 4, the youngest member of the family, does a wonderful and very enthusiastic job preparing Fabric Samples Booklets and applying shipping labels to the WeatherWool Fabric Sample Packs!
WeatherWool is very much a family business!! Belle, age 4, the youngest member of the family, does a wonderful and very enthusiastic job preparing Fabric Samples Booklets and applying shipping labels to the WeatherWool Fabric Sample Packs!

WeatherWool Fabric Samples -- Free


[Please Note: Fabric Samples are free. Outside USA and Canada, the shopping cart may add a shipping charge, but we won't accept that payment, so everyone gets the samples for free. You can also request Fabric Samples via the Contact form or phone (831-704-1776) or email (Denali@WeatherWool.com). Also, a few people lately have told us they didn't receive Samples they had ordered. We'll ship right away, and if you don't get the Samples, please let us know! Sometimes people request premium shipping and in those cases we will accept payment.]

WeatherWool® Hardcore Luxury® Fabric is the foundation of our company. We love to send Samples.

If fabric that met our (Ralph's) specs had been available in the marketplace, we would not have founded WeatherWool.

The Samples Packet contains:

  • Our Fabric Sample Booklet, featuring all six of our Hardcore Luxury Merino Jacquard Woven Fabrics
  • Larger Test Swatches; one in MidWeight Fabric and one in FullWeight Fabric
  • A Mouton Pelt Sample
  • A wealth of information about wool, and WeatherWool
  • In February 2022 we added a Slot Button along with a few inches of Anchor Ribbon because many people are not familiar with Slot Buttons and they are the only buttons we use

Q. Why doesn't every garment maker offer fabric samples?
A. Maybe because they don't want you to see? Our own pure wool custom Merino Jacquard Fabrics are the basis of our company, and they have no equal in the marketplace. If Fabric that met our specs had been commercially available, we would not be here.

Our Fabrics are pure wool ... pure virgin wool ... pure American wool.

There are many people who believe they know wool, and think WOOL IS WOOL ... we dearly love to send Samples to those folks (and everyone else) because handling our Fabric, even the small Test Swatches included with Sample Pack, really helps people understand our company.

The Test Swatches are remnants from the tailoring of our garments, and they are large enough so you can do a little testing, and compare WeatherWool to other fabrics. Among the performance factors people examine: fire/embers, water, softness against the skin, silence, toughness, strength, reflectivity, camouflage properties, light test. (Holding the Test Swatches up to a light source to see how much light passes through. Please keep in mind the darkest colors absorb the most light ... that's the definition of "dark".)

One gent told us his Ladyfriend has always had a problem with wool. She tested our Sample by tucking it into her sock, and wearing it all day against her ankle. She forgot it was there and was happy to find woolen outerwear that is comfortable on her skin.

Dave Krysiak of Michigan: "My wife is quite sensitive to wool products against her bare skin so we are curious to test your fabric samples." Dave wrote again when he ordered a garment: "The fabric samples were very helpful and approved by the Boss (aka Mrs. Krysiak). She experienced no irritation whatsoever!"

And from Andrew Gorsuch: "Just got my samples. Mouton is unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. Really happy you’ve included actual scrap cuts of the FullWeight and MidWeight. I really can’t express how impressed I am by theses samples. Today would be a perfect day for your anorak, can’t wait to have one." When Andrew gave permission to use his name, he added: "Yes use whatever I’ve said with my name or without as you’d like sir. I meant what I said. This looks like incredible material, I really can’t wait to get my hands on an anorak."

WeatherWool engineers the best 100% American, pure wool Merino Jacquard All-Purpose Outerwear ("Hardcore Luxury" is our registered trademark) we can figure out, backed by our standard offer of No-Risk, long-term testing. And so we are very happy to fulfill requests for WeatherWool Fabric Samples. We definitely would like to know what you think once you’ve handled the Samples.  We love to have WeatherWool Fabric and garments compared to -- and tested against -- anything else.

Our Fabrics are the foundation of our products. We know well the ranchers we usually buy from, and two of them (Bob Padula and Mike Cornare Advisors to WeatherWool that we have known since our beginning. Even before we buy raw wool, our ranchers shear the wool in a way that assures only the best parts of the fleece are offered to us, after inferior parts (face, belly, lower legs, etc.) are removed from the area. We select the finest raw wool fiber after thorough evaluation of lab tests. Next are scouring (cleaning), dyeing, carding, spinning, weaving and finishing processes, all customized to satisfy our unique specifications. These processes are summarized on our Start-to-Finish page.

    Our MidWeight Fabric is about 13 ounces per square yard (441 grams per square meter) and FullWeight Fabric is about 19.4 ounces per square yard (658 gsm) although Fabric Batches will vary. We have a page that discusses FullWeight versus MidWeight Fabrics.  Please be aware that others may label a fabric “24 ounce wool”, but usually this refers to a running yard of unspecified width … and so 24 ounce wool can actually be lighter than 20 ounce wool, if the 24-ounce-bolt is wider.  But anyway, weight is a poor indicator of performance … lighter fabric made from superior fiber and woven with excellence as the only goal can easily outperform heavier “run of the mill” fabric.  We make our own Hardcore Luxury® Fabrics because we could find no commercial offerings meeting our specifications.

    All our Fabrics provide luxurious and comfortable protection from the elements while being acceptable in any social setting.

    • Our proprietary Lynx Pattern is very effective natural camouflage and is very attractive in social and professional gatherings.  Lynx Pattern is not perceived as camo except by those who already "think camo"
    • Our Drab Color is similar to military Olive Drab, but we have added some Gray to flatten it out even more
    • WeatherWool Duff (brown) Color blends with the duff -- fallen leaves and twigs of a deciduous forest – for which it is named
    • Drab and Duff are "metamers" … depending upon the lighting, they can be hard to distinguish from each other, and this chameleon effect helps to make them hard to see in Natural settings
    • With the possible exception of Black, all of our Fabrics are effective camouflage as they blend extremely well into Natural settings. Our Black is a true black
    • All our Fabrics are woven in Lynx Pattern, but the solid colors are woven with yarns of only one color. However, the Lynx Pattern is very slightly visible even in the solids because Jacquard weaving causes the solids to reflect light in a different manner than standard weave. The Jacquard weave creates a soft, rich texture that enhances the ability of even the solid colors to blend into Nature.

    The Natural Mouton Lamb Fleece is used inside our Mouton JacketMouton VestMouton HatHand Muff, and Mouton Hood.  Mouton is real fleece ... a real pelt (taken from a lamb that has been processed for meat), leather included, and nothing like the synthetic petrochemical stuff that is routinely called “fleece”.

    We offer No-Risk Field Testing because the “living room test” is good only for sizing.  Real evaluation of outerwear requires experience in a wide variety of weather conditions and activities.  And please wear wool base layers (or no base layers) under your WeatherWool.  Any other type of base is less than optimal.  We invite everyone to give WeatherWool a heavy-duty field-test … and get a 100% refund if not completely happy. We can't picture operating any other way. 

    We look forward to hearing your impressions of the Samples.

    THANKS for your interest in WeatherWool!

    The little girl putting labels on the Sample Packs is 4-year old Zabz (photo from 2020), Alex and Cecy's daughter (and Debby and my granddaughter). She is a real help to Denali, who has responsibility for Fabric Samples. And Zabz really wants to work!

    Best Regards ---Denali, Ralph, Debby, Alex

    *The Sample Packets are very carefully put together 100% by hand. But if you want  more than one Sample Pack (to send to a friend, for example), that's fine. Please make a note when you order.


    10 May 2022 --- Ralph and Denali


    The REVIEW feature below, which enables anyone to publish a review, was added in March of 2022.  A great many people have told us they really appreciated the Samples, so maybe someone will post.