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The WeatherWool Difference

Our Fabric is the heart of what we do. We make our own Fabric, starting with raw wool selected with extreme care. There is no other way. We offer free Fabric Samples that give a sense of what we are doing. And for those who wish to make something for themselves, the Fabric itself is offered by the yard.

We are trying to make the best All-Purpose Outerwear there has ever been, and we believe such garments must be wool. Our Fabric is pure wool ... nothing but wool ... 100% wool. Of course our wool is 100% virgin wool. And every bit of everything in WeatherWool, both materials and labor, is always 100% American.

No garment or material is perfect for all conditions - but the best wool garments come closer than anything else. If you're headed off to a location where you might have to deal with cold, heat, rain, snow, sleet, wind, sun, rough terrain, fire, even hostiles, you cannot beat the performance of wool. In addition, wool is ultra-quiet, non-reflective, extremely durable and anti-static. Serious wool is also extremely comfortable and luxurious. Our Fabric exemplifies these properties better than any other, and "Hardcore Luxury" is our registered trademark.  

We started WeatherWool because the garments we envisioned did not exist. And we spent our first three years developing our own Fabric because no commercial offerings met our specifications. Our wool is custom processed at every step of the way, and always pure-American. 

People often assume that modern technology can improve upon nature. BUT even the most sophisticated man-made products (jet-liners, super-computers) are child's play compared to the workings of every single cell in our bodies. The structure of synthetic fibers ... any and all of them ... are less than trivial compared to the structure of wool. And Nature never messes around; every detail of that complexity serves a purpose or it would have been eliminated.   

The highly complex naturally engineered structure of wool equips sheep to thrive in intense winter conditions and handle serious heat too. Wild sheep living at 20,000 feet in Asia often have high heat and frigid cold in one day; their wool protects them from both extremes. The sheep that grow our wool also thrive in extreme conditions. WeatherWool Merino Jacquard Fabric lets us to do the same.


WeatherWool Diagram of Wool Fiber. The fantastic complexity enables fantastic performance.

 Thanks to the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) for this diagram. This diagram can also be viewed as a sort of 3-dimensional video courtesy of the International Wool Textile Organization.

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27 August 2021 --- Ralph