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Neck Gaiter Reviews

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We have had a lot of feedback on our Neck Gaiter, but didn't create this page until May of 2020.  BIG TIME THANK YOU to everyone who allowed us to use their words!!

7, 8 January 2021, Nathan Russell: "I received the neck gaiter in the mail today and tried it out. It’s perfect!!! It’s exactly what I have been trying to find all of these years to keep my neck and the back of my head warm without choking out my carotid arteries. Haha. It could not fit me better had you sent a personal seamstress to my house to custom fit it to me! I’m thrilled with it. Couldn’t be happier. So I’m going to of course keep it.  

Please let me know how I need to pay for it and settle up. I can send a check by mail or online with a card. Whatever you’d like. Please forward to me the shipping cost and everything so I can square up.  

I’ve been doing a lot of research on your website and will be watching production inventory as I have my eye on several items you have. I’m so impressed with your commitment to quality. It shows. Nice stuff!

And later....

You’ve really got something going here for the big and tall man who has suffered through (and tried) the available options for keeping our heads and necks warm. FINALLY! I’ve tried much of the large distribution commercial offerings out there and they are so tight on my neck and head that I’m miserable, and would rather be cold than near-syncopal. Lol. This WeatherWool gaiter you’ve created solves every issue I’ve had. It’s long enough to cover everything and stretchy enough to fit around my large head and neck. It’s not constrictive at all! Plenty of room. Not to mention that the quality of the wool and the natural characteristics make it perfect for this purpose. My hat size is 8-1/2 typically and I have very broad shoulders and neck. I’m 6’7” to boot.  

I’m beyond pleased with this neck gaiter. It’s got it all. Quality, comfort, and fit.  I can tell you guys care about your products. I would sure market these as the solution for the big and tall man looking for such a thing! "


On 31 December 2020, we got the green light from Al Belisario to use his comments. On December 30th he emailed:  "I just received my gaiter and it is all I hoped it to be. The versatility of the product and soft and non irritating wool is amazing. Now I’m really excited to get the other products ordered and may look at other items in your collection. I’m so glad I decided to take a chance on your wool products, they really are worth the price and is the best of the best."  And he wrote again on the 31st:  "Of course, feel free to share my comments. I just ordered the Watch Cap. My wife and I went for a walk last night and the gaiter was comfortable (no itch) and warm. After awhile, I took off my [not WeatherWool] beanie because my head was getting warm but my neck was comfortable with the gaiter. Can't wait to actually try out the Anorak."

Al continued with more info on 11 January 2021:  "I also wanted to give you feedback on my gaiter and watch cap. I expected the gaiter and watch cap to keep me as warm as my synthetic and other wool accessories, but I did not expect it to efficiently thermally regulate. With my other wool and synthetic accessories, I would get warm but it would continue to warm me to the point where I am uncomfortable and need to remove them to manually thermal regulate. I believe the knitting in your products as well as the superior materials automatically does the work of thermal regulation. I have been able to get through a whole nights sleep and not be soaked the following morning in sweat due to overheating. I've also taken it out on our evening walks and did not have to constantly put it on and take it off as is the case with my other garments. This is a game changer for me as an avid outdoorsman living in Southern California where wide swings in temperatures between day and night as well as microclimates where I've experienced 80-90 degree [about 30C] desert areas and 5 miles [8 km] away is a 20 degree [-7C] alpine area with snow. When off-roading in my Jeep, I find myself having to put on or take off clothing to adjust to the climate every time we stop. With your wool products, I now have clothing that can adjust to a wider variety of climates while still remaining comfortable, resulting in less clothes to pack on a trip, more comfort, resistant to fires (can't wear synthetics near a fire without running the risk of burning through the material), resistant to damage from the underbrush, and near silent when stalking game. Thank you so much for developing such great products and the personal customer service. WeatherWool is a breath of fresh air reminiscent of how companies used to do business."

23 December 2020, John Kovitch sent us a message:
"Hi, I wanted to leave some feedback. I recently ordered some hats [Watch Caps] and a gaiter. Your shipping was so incredibly quick I was stunned. The materials and quality of construction are everything I hoped for and more. Your products are the nicest and sturdiest I have ever found (and I am a longtime customer of LP [Loro Piana].) Finally, the design and style are perfect. These were intended to be Xmas gifts but no one could wait and we are all already in use."

Here is a printed review from Advisor Cliff Jacobson, widely recognized as one of the world's foremost experts on backcountry canoe trips.

On 9 May 2020, William Lively sent this note, used with permission. THANK YOU! --- "The Neck Gaiters are great.  As you know I have three, one I keep in the truck just in case and the other two I split between using outside and in my not so heated TV room😊  I really like that the gaiters also function as a scarf as that is quicker to deploy when I just have to be outside for a few minutes and don’t need the full coverage of a neck gaiter. 

As I’ve mentioned before I love the anorak.  As the North East has been having some cooler weather yet still sunny I like to sit on the back deck and enjoy the sunshine.  On the day’s is only in the 50s [about 11C] I just put the anorak on with one of the gaiters in scarf mode and I’m good to go."


Mark Young, of Halifax, Nova Scotia, did a Youtube review of one of our earlier  Neck Gaiters in November of 2018.


31 December 2020 --- Ralph