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Muff Reviews

Ice Camp Sargo, 200 miles north of Prudhoe Bay, 73°04'30.6932", -146°18'35.3553". Drifting westward approx. 9 miles/day.

Conditions:  -20F, 30 mph winds (Wind chill -50F)

Muff: "Excellent wind and cold protection, very easy to use, and never in the way. Muff was utilized as hand and equipment warmer. Two chemical hand warmers were placed inside prior to departing shelter, and muff would sustain heat for the duration of the mission. Personnel were able to utilize in all weather conditions to quickly warm hands and to maintain suitable operating temperatures for sensor systems. Muff worked to warm hands faster and more effectively than arctic mittens. Strap was worn over neck/shoulders instead of around waist, similar to the traditional arctic mitten cord. Provided excellent wind protection as well."

John Viggato, US Army