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Batch 8


All of our Fabric, regardless of batch number, is made to the same specs from raw fiber of the same criteria.  But because of weather and feed conditions, the same ranch's clip may not test out the same each year.  Testing must be done every year on every clip.  Batch Tags will tell us the ranchers, tailors, thread, etc. for long term studies.  And ranchers, in particular enjoy knowing which garments are made from their own flocks.  

PLEASE NOTE: Much of what is written here duplicates what is written about Batch 7 because we had to intermingle Batch 8 with Batch 7 because of the impact of Hurricane Ida.

Rather than repeat it all, please click into Batch 7 for a list of the ranches that supplied our greasy, the yield, the timing, etc.

In the end, we came out fine although we did have an adventure and, for a while, thought we had a serious problem.

We are completing Batch 7 Fabric production as originally planned (but much delayed), and the fiber that is left over from the combined Batches we will call Batch 8.

Batch 8 Fiber has all been dyed Drab, mostly because MidWeight Drab Fabric has been delayed the longest. American Woolen is preparing the yarn for weaving, which should begin mid-March.

We anticipate making 3300 yards / 3017 meters, which is enough for VERY approximately 1000 garments:

  • 690 yards / 631 meters (21%) of FullWeight Drab Fabric
  • 2610 yards / 2386 meters (79%) of MidWeight Drab Fabric


Please click here for a discussion of FullWeight vs MidWeight Fabric.

Please click for the page listing all WeatherWool Fabric Batches.


18 Jan 2023 --- Ralph