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All Around Jacket Reviews

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February 2018
OK ... we are used to customers coming up with new ideas ... but still, this one caught us by surprise. Robert bought his AAJ to wear over a tuxedo, and believes heavy rain creates a great fit. ... And Robert grew up working in the family haberdashery, so he speaks from experience.

"My All Around Jacket is working out great. I have worn it in several hard rains and it has begun to drape to the contour of my torso quite nicely. I [will] probably be getting a shirt or hoodie sometime soon for milder weather. Nothing like a good rain to bring out the qualities in a well made wool coat.   I'm off to my grand niece's Christening. If I have a chance to snap a [picture] in my jacket I'll send you one. Nephew's wedding is next week. I'll get y'all a shot with my tux for sure." --- From Robert Jarrell of South Carolina


January 2018
"I continue to love both my AAJ and my Anorak. I know I owe you some urban photos of the AAJ in action, and I promise to get those done soon. It’s not my lack of wearing the coat certainly. I’m a total outerwear geek, and own tons of coats for all kinds of weather, at all kinds of price points. With all that to choose from, I find myself going for the AAJ in almost any circumstance this winter: early AM taking the dog outside, walking to work, wearing to a meeting, train trips to the city, and on. This winter it’s proven to be the All Around Jacket it claims to be!"  --- Rob Miller of Chicago area, Illinois


October 2017
"This thing is working out better than I ever imagined it could. Will continue my research!". Outdoor media professional Ron Spomer, after spending a couple of weeks testing the All-Around Jacket.


May 2017

WeatherWool Advisor Mike Dean

Bottom Line: He really likes it! Of all the people who have given us feedback on the AAJ, Mike Dean's was easily the most detailed, and Mike performed the most severe and methodical testing. He spent February, 2017 living completely off-grid in Northern Maine, and his review is lengthy, so we gave it a dedicated page.
Read Mike's review of some serious testing!


Josh Westbrook - Advisor

March 2016

Josh wore WeatherWool through the winter of 2015-2016. Josh's company, The Brothers Crisp, makes some beautiful custom boots and we have the first pair he made with our Fabric.

"As a bootmaker and guy who has a great appreciation for tough garments, I spotted the quality of WeatherWool at a trade show from about 100 feet away. I couldn't go home without a whole suit! Everywhere I go in my WeatherWool, all kinds of people instantly recognize the quality and ask me about it. This is the best gear money can buy, worth every cent."

Josh Westbrook
The Brothers Crisp


Randy Dewing in Indiana:

February 2015 

"These guys are great: quality product and awesome people. I am serious about wool, and I don't praise it lightly. I work in customer service, and I know good service when I see it. I had a problem with one of their jackets that was entirely of my own creation, and they hooked me up with an 'above and beyond' solution."


Advisor Dwight Smith of Michigan:

November 2014

"Variant weather for my recent hunt for whitetail in up north Michigan. As I sat with cold north wind in my face on 25 degree morning in the AAJ and Mouton Hat waiting for the trophy or at least something that would allow me to feed my family of 5 to walk by, I was snug as a bug in a rug. I sat for 12 hours still. I stayed warm with a few mid layers (no wind penetration). I could have stayed longer, but the sun told me it was time to get down. A couple days later it was a high of 53 with rain and wind gusts around 17mph and I dropped a couple mid layers and the Mouton Hat and was equally as comfortable. I highly recommend this as I have been using various garments from all major sporting stores for the past 7 years and have finally found the perfect assembly. I was concerned the rain with the wool would create a scent, but to my surprise, it was minimal and undetected when I stalked and got within 60 yards of a buck on day 4 of my hunt. The squirrels chirped and the deer got up and walked away...probably thinking not today buddy. Will have to bring nuts to keep the squirrels quiet next time. I can't wait to try out the Boonie Hat with the big brim. Thanks again WeatherWool for keeping me warm and dry in the up north cold and wet weather. Will keep you posted on late season January hunt in Ohio. I don't want to mention how much money I have spent on trying to find the perfect blend. Yours takes the cake. It really does a great job from below freezing to various degrees above. I'm very thankful and feel fortunate I found you guys."



Michael Heckman of Maryland:

October 2014,

"I am SO anxious to find the appropriate forum for me to post a glowing article or review of the AAJ. I've been wearing it as the temperature dips here in MD and in the mountains of Virginia. You'll notice that I just ordered the hood because I know the jacket will be even better with it.

The jacket certainly lives up to all of the great reviews it has received. I think I expected it to be great in cold weather. But here's what I did not expect:

1. The jacket replaces more than a heavy winter coat. It's exceptionally comfortable between 50 and 65 degrees— territory normally reserved for one of my synthetic 'fleece. The fact that this one garment actually can do triple duty makes it exceptionally good for traveling. It replaces a fleece, winter coat, and medium rain shell. For those hesitant about the price, I would argue that it's actually a bargain compared to the cost of comparable quality in the three garments it actually replaces.

2. And the biggest surprise came two weeks ago. You may remember that I was concerned about Lynx looking like camo. Recently, we had a corporate dinner cruise. The wind was blowing about 30 knots and I knew it would be freezing on deck. I didn't know what reaction would come, but compliments on my 'GQ look' were definitely not among my expectations. Women in particular wanted to know who the 'designer' was and what the fabric was. I have been called many things in my life, but 'fashionable' has not been one of them.

In short, I LOVE this jacket! I may not work in extreme environments like your other reviewers, but I'm anxious to share my enthusiasm for WeatherWool from a 'regular guy' perspective. I'd be glad to write that review now and then update when I go on my photo adventure [the Andes in Chile] if you'd like."


Lee Hagan of Florida:

November 2014 

"I am back from my Montana elk hunt and I have to say the All Around Jacket performed nicely. We didn't have any severely cold weather (like they are having this week). Our temps were in the 30's and 40's but we had winds constantly in the 25-40 mph range all week. I took a nice 6x6 bull (my first) on the second day of the hunt. I had several people comment on the AAJ. With the winds we had the hood was a real life saver while we were glassing. Thanks for a great product and great customer service.

Under the AAJ I wore a Smartwool mid-weight (250 I think) zip neck base layer and an LL Bean Chamois shirt. The shirt was a little heavy. It is also cotton and did get a little damp from sweat. Most of the time it was unbuttoned for ventilation. I would have been better wearing a vest or lighter weight shirt (wool or similar). Walking uphill I did get a little overheated but I just unzipped the AAJ. Just an observation on my part-what about "pit zips" to aid in ventilation? I wore a Stormy Kromer original hat. When we stopped to glass the ear flaps came down and the AAJ hood would come up. I generally don't like hoods but this one was great."


Randy Peukert, Utah

December 2014

"Your wool material is just awesome. I've never encountered something so sturdy and supple at the same time. For me, I will put it through hard paces/work as I am 'outdoors' quite a bit. And I can see fashion conscious New Yorkers wearing your wool around Manhattan :-). I must also add that your AAJ's are the best ever wool jacket that I've ever come across. You and your family certainly make an outstanding product. I totally appreciate your dedication to making the AAJ the best jacket possible."

Randy has at least two All-Around Jackets, and his Mrs wears WeatherWool also.

12 February 2018