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WeatherWool Merino Jacquard Pure Wool Pants
WeatherWool Merino Jacquard Pure Wool Pants
WeatherWool Merino Jacquard Pure Wool Pants
WeatherWool Merino Jacquard Pure Wool Pants
WeatherWool Merino Jacquard Pure Wool Pants
WeatherWool Merino Jacquard Pure Wool Pants
WeatherWool Merino Jacquard Pure Wool Pants
WeatherWool Merino Jacquard Pure Wool Pants ... WeatherWool Drab hunting pants have generous gusset pockets
WeatherWool Merino Jacquard Pure Wool Pants
WeatherWool Merino Jacquard Pure Wool Pants ... WeatherWool Drab hunting pants have double seat
WeatherWool Merino Jacquard Pure Wool Pants ... WeatherWool FullWeight Lynx Pants, camo camo
WeatherWool Pants
WeatherWool Pants
Drab Double Hood, Wool Hunting pants, All Around Jacket
As of 2023, the WeatherWool Color Palette includes Black, Brown, Drab (very similar to Military Olive Drab) and our own Proprietary Lynx Pattern

WeatherWool Pants


We are completely sold out of Pants. We hope to make more before it gets cold again in the Northern Hemisphere, but we are running out of time and we have a lot to do!

Pants are priced at $595 up to size 42. Sizes 44 and larger are $645.

Pants that are out of stock can be backordered without obligation (price set to 0) from this page.

Our Pants are offered in both FullWeight and MidWeight Fabrics. And mostly, the MidWeight Pants are more frequently suitable than the FullWeight.

Warm and tough and comfortable, our Pants will protect your legs in a wide variety of conditions. WeatherWool Fabrics are soft and comfortable enough to be worn against the skin without long johns ... and warm enough that most do not wear long johns, even with MidWeight Pants, unless temps are well below freezing.  These Pants, particularly the MidWeight Pants, can also be worn fairly comfortably in warm weather -- even above room temperature -- during low-level activity.  In May of 2020, a customer phoned to tell me he'd received his FullWeight Pants the previous afternoon, and wore them comfortably for four hours in temp of 74F/23C. These Pants can provide surprising protection in exceptional circumstances. Here's a video of me shrugging off a winter dunking in MidWeight Pants.

  • Wide 2-inch (5 cm) Belt Loops and side Cinches 
  • Two generously-sized hand-warmer pockets.   These pockets are wool near the top, where the hands are likely to be, and are reinforced with a wool-nylon blend at the bottom, to help withstand the rough edges of keys and to reduce bulk
  • Rear pocket on the right with zippered closure and flap
  • Cargo pockets with plenty of room. The cargo pockets are bellowed in front, as well as at the bottom and at the rear edge. The leading edge of the cargo pocket is sewn flat against the leg so it will not catch on brush. Cargo pockets can be omitted if ordered in advance
  • Doubled seat
  • Inseam 35 inches (89 cm) and overall length 48 inches (122 cm). They are long enough for a person up to about 6'8" (203 cm) tall
  • Next time we make the Pants we plan to add "blousing" to the Pants cuffs. We feel it's better than a typical hem because extra length is useful. The blousing enables you to tie the cuffs as snug to the ankles as desired. The ties are made from mil-spec nylon and located at the inside seam. Turning the blousing into standard cuffs is an easy job for a local tailor, who will customize the length to the individual. Please forgive rough cellphone photo. When we make Pants again we'll have better photos!
  • NOTE:  We can leave off the blousing if you like, which means the Pants will have an overlock-stitched hem (merrowed).  We recommend you wear them before any additional hemming. We also recommend you don't shorten the leg by cutting the Fabric. The standard cuff is often preferred by people who plan to wear the Pants in town or for business
  • Extra-long front zipper
  • Gusseted crotch that permits freedom of movement
  • The Pants are offered in waist sizes 28, 30, 32, etc., up to 50. The waist sizes are measured in inches, and we add one inch to allow space to tuck in a heavy shirt, thermal top ... So, for example, a size 38 Pant will have a waist that actually measures 39 inches (99 cm). To convert inches to centimeters, please multiply by 2.54
  • Please note: the Pants are designed to be worn with a belt. Without a belt, they may hang too low and restrict motion
  • Generously cut
  • Size 34 (86 cm) FullWeight Pants weigh 3 lbs 7 oz  (1.6 kg); MidWeight Pants weigh 2 lbs 6 oz ( 0.9 kg)

The WeatherWool color palette is shown among the photos at left.  Drab is similar to olive drab and Brown is a rich brown.

Before we make Pants again, we need to make decisions regarding some of the designs people have requested:

  • Rise: Younger guys often want to wear their Pants fairly low, without a belt. We are leaning toward making a more standard rise. But that will mean the people who wear the Pants low will be inhibited from really striding out or from stepping over a fallen log. I think these guys are going to have to adapt! I'm an old guy; hip-huggers are for women
  • Suspenders or not?
  • Knee Pads or not? And if we do offer knee pads, some people want them inside the Pants, some want them outside. Most people don't want knee pads
  • Cargo Pockets? Most people want cargo pockets but some don;t
  • Hemmed? People often ask us to hem the Pants but if the length isn't right, it's a problem. We'd prefer hemming to be done locally. But also, the real issue with extra-long Pants isn't really the length. So long as the cuffs don't drop down below the heel, extra length is a good thing in cold-weather Pants
  • Some people ask us to have zippers at the ankle, going up as high as the knee, to help get the Pants on and off without removing boots
  • Some people want a Military-style blousing/tie at the ankle

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