Hardcore Luxury® Best Wool in the Woods®

American Made

Every bit of WeatherWool is American.  We are fully compliant with the Berry Amendment.   And our phone number, 831-704-1776, ends with July 4th, 1776.

  • Our raw wool comes from "American Sheep eating American Grass", as they say in the US Army
  • Our wool is cleaned, spun, dyed, woven and finished in the USA 
  • Our Fabric is cut and sewn into garments in the USA  
  • All our "notions" -- thread, zippers, buttons, snaps, cuffs, clips, cords, accents and facings -- are made in the USA
  • We have on file Certificates of Origination that attest to American sourcing
  • All owners of WeatherWool are American Citizens
  • I don't think WeatherWool could be more American

We are American-Made because:

  • That's the way we want it
  • We hope to supply WeatherWool to the United States Military -- the Military people who wear WeatherWool now are very happy with it! -- and Uncle Sam will buy only American products
  • We compete on quality and service, not price, and therefore we need stay close to all phases of production
  • We want to help demonstrate that America is still making great clothing ... and we have seen enough "MADE ELSEWHERE" filling our stores
  • We don't want to fuel any of those crazy tales we've heard about manufacturing practices in some other places. We have seen all the facilities that are involved with the production of WeatherWool, and we like knowing the workers, the animals and the environment are cherished
  • My Grandfather taught "the cheap way is the expensive way", and at least in the long run, he is surely right. When it comes to outdoor gear for potentially serious conditions, "Buy once. Cry once."

This is not because we are negative on all other countries ... I really love some of them ... Mexico, Canada and United Kingdom in particular ... but we are Americans and we really really really love to see the American Flag on our front porch and MADE IN AMERICA on WeatherWool!

Thank You -- Ralph (and Debby, Alex, Denali)


10 April 2021 -- Ralph