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As of 2023, the WeatherWool Color Palette includes Black, Brown, Drab (very similar to Military Olive Drab), Natural White and our own Proprietary Lynx Pattern
WeatherWool FullWeight and MidWeight Merino Jacquard Fabric

WeatherWool FullWeight and MidWeight Merino Jacquard Fabric


I need to rename this page because as of March 2024, we have added 100% Wool Denim, which may be unique in the marketplace.  As of May 2024, we have begun offering LightWeight Fabric, which is 100% worsted.  I need to add a LightWeight page to the website!

Our FullWeight and MidWeight Fabrics are Jacquard woven, but the LightWeight and Denim are woven on a Dobby loom.

Our Fabrics are all 100% wool, 100% virgin wool, and 100% USA.  As we have recently begun labeling:  "100% USA | 100% WeatherWool Certified Fine Wool".

At present, we have in stock

  • FullWeight Drab and MidWeight Drab (not much, tho)
  • FullWeight and MidWeight Natural White (undyed)
  • LightWeight in Black and Natural White (undyed)
  • Denim ... in Denim Charcoal and Denim Indigo

We will have quite a bit more Fabric with Batch 9, already in process.  We'll have FullWeight Black and Brown and FullWeight and MidWeight Lynx Pattern before too much longer.

Our Natural White Fabrics are unbleached and undyed, and actually more of a cream color than true white ... the natural color of what the industry refers to as "white wool" or "white sheep".

Fabrics not in stock can be backordered without obligation (price set to 0) from this page.

Our Fabrics are sold by the Running Yard, which is always 36 inches (91 cm) long

  • WeatherWool Merino Jacquard Fabric, FullWeight and MidWeight, is $125 per running yard
  • WeatherWool LightWeight Fabric is $65 per running yard
  • WeatherWool Denim is $75 per running yard

The width of the bolts of Fabric varies according to type of Fabric:

  • Bolts of MidWeight and FullWeight Fabric vary in width from 52 inches (132 cm) to 55 inches (140),  including about .75 inches (almost 2 cm) of selvedge on each side. The exact width varies a little from bolt to bolt even within a batch of the same Fabric because the bolts are "finished" separately.  The MidWeight Fabrics will have two or three bright-yellow non-wool yarns in the selvedge to distinguish them from FullWeight.  This yellow yarn can be pulled out if you want to use the selvedge
  • Bolts of LightWeight Fabric are 60 inches (152 cm) wide with under 1/2 inch (1 cm) selvedge on each side
  • Bolts of Denim are 60 inches (152 cm) wide with under 1/2 inch (1 cm) selvedge on each side

The weights of our Fabrics:

  • FullWeight Fabric weighs about 18.5 ounces per square yard / 627 grams per square meter
  • MidWeight Fabric weighs about 13 opsy / 440 gsm
  • LightWeight Fabric weighs about 6.8 opsy / 231 opsy
  • Denim weighs about 12 opsy / 407 gsm

Orders for more than one yard are normally shipped as one piece.

(Incidentally, when people reference "weight" of woolen fabric, at least in USA, they are almost always referring to the weight of a running yard. But there is no standard width to a running yard, so comparisons are meaningless unless the weight is quoted as "ounces per square yard" (opsy) or "grams per square meter" (gsm). But anyway, weight does not indicate performance. Better fiber, spinning, weaving and finishing can offer greater performance and less weight.)

For detailed info about our Fabric please visit:

When we founded WeatherWool, fabric that met our specs was simply not available for purchase.  So we spent three years developing our own unique 100% Merino Jacquard Hardcore Luxury® Fabric, the foundation of our company. WeatherWool Fabric is chosen for luxury and fashion in the cityscape ... and chosen for performance in the most demanding of field conditions.

As of March 2024, we are offering WeatherWool Denim, which is made from the same fiber (same raw wool) as the Jacquard Fabrics, but the Denim is woven on a Dobby Loom rather than a Jacquard Loom ... the weaving is classic denim, very different from our Jacquard Fabric.  More info on the WeatherWool Denim page, linked above.

As of May 2024, we are offering LightWeight Fabric, and I need to do a lot of website work to account for it.

Selvedge, also known as selvage, is the “extra” fabric running along the edges of the entire length of a bolt of Fabric. The selvedge (originally "self-edge") contains the same premium yarn as the rest of the bolt, and it can be used, although it looks a little different. We used the selvedge in our Poncho, for example, and we used the width of the entire bolt of Fabric. Selvedge Denim has become extremely popular although this is a different meaning of the word Selvedge.

Fabric needs to be ordered by the whole yard (which is 36 inches / 91.4 cm).

Our Fabric is the heart of what we do, and has gained the attention of other clothing makers.  Whether you are a customer looking for a couple yards or a company thinking about a large quantity, please contact us directly if you are interested in using our Fabric. We have lately begun a Collaborations page on this website, and look forward to working more with others. Whether you are amateur or professional, we love hearing people's ideas for our Fabrics. 

Thank You! --- Ralph

Care and Cleaning

6 May 2026 --- Ralph

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Samuel Andersen
Exceeds My Own High Expectations

I used the midweight lynx fabric to make a jacket liner. The garment itself is a wool version of the M65 field jacket liner, and it makes a perfect midlayer.

The midweight adds a significant amount of warmth (30-40 degrees worth). It doesn’t add a lot of bulk, and it retains that warmth when damp (making it far superior to down or synthetic midlayers that are all the rage these days). Over a light base layer, it works as an outer garment at 20 degrees Fahrenheit during light activity. In sedentary situations, it’s comfortable to around 70. It is soft enough to be worn against bare, sensitive skin, and makes the world’s greatest pajama top when forced to sleep in cold weather.

In all, this fabric lives up to the claims made by Ralph, the CEO. It might seem expensive at $100/yd, but I found it an exceptional value for what you get. I’ve worked with other wools, and this beats them all. Soft wools aren’t usually that durable. Durable wools are rarely comfortable against sensitive skin. This fabric is soft, strong, AND has a highly transparent supply chain. I’m legitimately surprised that it doesn’t cost more.

Ruby Spring
lovely to work with, beautiful results

I recently bought 10 yards of midweight drab and 3 yards of midweight lynx. I've never worked with thick wool before, but working with the weatherwool was easy and rewarding. I've made 2 custom hoodies so far and both turned out so beautiful. The wool deserves good design and finishing, such as seam-binding on visible inner seams, slot buttons, and high quality ykk vislon zippers. You don't want the hardware to crap-out before the wool does!

Sewing with a high quality heavy-duty or industrial machine is recommended, it's thick stuff. But it won't slide around or cause any trouble, and I didn't have to use many pins which I love. It has some stretch so it's similar to working with very thick fleece.

I can't wait to try other project with my remaining wool (gotta prototype everything first, because you just can't waste this stuff).

I also LOVE that you can just compost the small scraps left over from cutting/serging, and I'm going to try making house-slippers with my larger scraps. And a patchwork bed for my cat.

Thank you Weatherwool!!!