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WeatherWool Basic Vest.  Pure Merino Wool, Pure American.  Solid Drab Color
WeatherWool Basic Vest.  Pure Merino Wool, Pure American.  Solid Drab Color
WeatherWool Basic Vest.  Pure Merino Wool, Pure American.  Solid Drab Color
WeatherWool Basic Vest.  Pure Merino Wool, Pure American.  Lynx Pattern
WeatherWool Basic Vest.  Pure Merino Wool, Pure American.  Seen here in proprietary Lynx Pattern
Basic Vest
Basic Vest
American made WeatherWool Basic Vest in Solid Drab Color.  Pure Merino Wool with Jacquard weave for all outdoor activities ... and even indoors, too
As of 2023, the WeatherWool Color Palette includes Black, Brown, Drab (very similar to Military Olive Drab) and our own Proprietary Lynx Pattern

Basic Vest


We expect to be shipping these Vests in FullWeight Fabrics Black and Drab in Feb-March of 2023.

Basic Vests are priced at $395 up to size 2X. Size 3X is $420. If you are interested in a size larger than 3X, please contact us directly.

If you are interested in the Basic Vest, please place a no-obligation backorder at a price of 0 on this page. Please click for more information on Backorders and Inventory and Production Status.

Our Basic Vest is a standard and versatile piece with many applications. This Vest adds a lot of warmth if you need it, but opened up in front and worn without a jacket it is cool and light and very nice at room temperature.

  • Two generously sized, zippered front pockets. You can use these pockets for hands or cargo or cell phone, wallet, keys and other vital equipment. The zipper is very secure and opens to the rear (toward the bottom)
  • Full-closure front, secured by Slot Buttons (the photos show the four-hole buttons we no longer use -- sorry). The Buttons enable closure of the Vest all the way to the Shirt Collar, so you can fully insulate the chest area.
  • The back of the Vest, at waist-level, can be tightened with an elasticized band and a button on each side.
  • In size Large, the Basic Vest weighs about 1 pound, 12 ounces  (0.8 kg). We have not yet made the Basic Vest in MidWeight Fabric, but in size Large it would weigh about 20 ounces (560 grams)
  • We intend to make the Basic Vest in all our Fabrics (when available!)

Our Basic Men’s Vest will perform very well in the field, but is also entirely appropriate in many other settings, and will add quite a bit of warmth and wind resistance with negligible bulk.

The Basic Vest can be worn either under or over some of our other pieces, such as the All-Around Jacket (definitely under the AAJ) or over the CPO Shirt.  If you are wearing the vest over the CPO, size up.  A large vest is 28 inches long from shoulder high point to bottom hem, and sizes are graded 1/2 inch per size increment.


The Chest Measurements for the Basic Vest:

XXSmall   - 32 inches  (81 cm)

XSmall     - 34 inches  (86 cm)

Small       - 36 inches  (91 cm)

Medium  - 38 inches  (97 cm)

Large       - 41 inches  (104 cm)

XLarge     - 44 inches  (112 cm)

XXLarge   - 48 inches  (122 cm)

3XLarge   - 52 inches  (132 cm)

4XLarge   - 56 inches  (142 cm)


Basic Vest Reviews

Care and Cleaning

Details about WeatherWool Construction

The REVIEW feature below, which enables anyone to publish a review, was added in March of 2022.  There is another page, linked above, for Reviews previously sent to us. We have been sold out of the Basic Vests since long before then, but we'll make more!


25 February 2023 --- Ralph

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