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North Maine Double Jacket - Yes, I am interested

North Maine Double Jacket - Yes, I am interested

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11 January 2019

The NMDJ is a concept...not yet a product, and we are in the design, development and dreaming stage. The NMDJ was originally suggested by Advisor Mike Dean, who is from North Maine, and it will withstand some frightful conditions, although it will also be OK for low levels of activity in mild weather.

At present, we do not have any Fabric to devote to the NMDJ, or for that matter, anything else.  We have more Fabric in the works already, but it will probably be July, 2019 before we can make some prototypes.

You can order the NMDJ now, essentially just informing us of your interest. We'll let you know when we are working on the Jacket in earnest, and you can cancel or confirm your order. We'll be happy to hear your design ideas anytime.

When development is finished, this Jacket will probably be a bespoke piece ... that is, we expect it will be individually made to order, not a stock item.  But we have been surprised by the number of people who are interested in the NMDJ, so maybe we will be able to make an actual production run (at least 100).

Anyone who orders in time to be included in our initial run will get a lower, pre-production price.   After development is finished and the first batch is being made, I'm estimating the ongoing price at $1850. Tailoring costs are extremely high for individual pieces or sample runs (less than about 24).  We hope to keep the pre-production order price to $1500, but that will depend upon a lot of variable. Sizes larger than 2XLarge will incur extra costs. 

The North Maine Double Jacket will be the big brother to the All-Around Jacket, with similar styling. Features will include:

  • Two layers of our Full-Weight Wool everywhere covering the entire body and arms
  • About 4-6 inches longer in the body, potentially with a small slit at the bottom rear
  • A third layer of wool, probably in the form of a removable cape, will cover the shoulders, top of the back and top of the chest. The cape will extend slightly to keep precipitation away from the arms and body. The Cape will be included, and we intend it to also be compatible with other WeatherWool items. The Cape will be available for separate purchase.
  • Large Map Pocket between the two layers in the rear of the Jacket, probably closed by zippers
  • Huge Cargo Pockets between the two layers of wool in front of the Jacket
  • Handwarmer pockets ... we need to figure out how these can work with the Cargo Pockets ... Handwarmer Pockets and Cargo Pockets are both great, but they don't live together happily. Zippers on the handwarmer pockets will open upward and close down, minimizing drafts when the hands are inside
  • Heavy-duty center-front double zipper protected by a Storm Flap.  The Flap will be secured by Slot Buttons made from mil-spec melamine
  • Adjustable cuff closures
  • Drawstring to snug the waist
  • Drawstring near the bottom sweep
  • Secure, zippered inside pockets for electronics, etc. There will be one inner pocket at each side of the chest, and perhaps others, as well
  • Stovepipe collar that can protect the face up to about the nose
  • The back of the collar will have three buttons to accept the optional Double Hood

Please give us your ideas. And if you need a smaller or larger size than offered here, just let us know!

THANKS -- Ralph, Debby, Alex, Denali