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WeatherWool Mouton Jacket American Made Merino, Equestrian, Hunting, Cold Weather
Mouton Jacket

Mouton Jacket

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WeatherWool Mouton Jacket worn by Chase Burnett at New Jersey's Revelation Farms
Advisor Chase Burnett in a Duff Color Mouton Jacket at Revelation Farms

The Mouton Jacket is seriously warm and incredibly luxurious. You won't be cold in this Jacket. Wind is nullified. The Mouton Jacket is designed for low levels of activity in temperatures ranging from cool to murderously cold. 

The exterior of these Jackets offers our FullWeight Jacquard Merino Fabric, and the interior of the entire torso and neck is lined with ultra-plush Natural Mouton pelts. (Mouton is essentially the highest grade of Shearling.)  The center of one pelt is used for the back panel, and the centers of two more pelts for the side panels. Larger sizes will require more pelts. Sleeves are doubled FullWeight Fabric. Wind is completely blocked by the leather of the Mouton Pelts.

The Mouton Jackets are bespoke pieces, although we do have two or three prototypes on hand now at reduced prices. Feel free to order this Jacket online to get things under way, but we'll need to talk with you a little. We'll also need very careful measurements to make sure we get the size right, and we ask, if at all possible, that you send one of your own jackets to match for sizing.  Please allow 1-2 months to complete the Jacket.

Wow! It really doesn't matter how cold and windy conditions are. Wind cannot penetrate the torso and collar because of the leather, which can't be seen but surely makes its presence felt. The Mouton is 5/8 inch (1.6cm) of high-loft lamb's wool, which traps a tremendous amount of air, creating enormous insulation. And our FullWeight Fabric on the outside adds even more insulation and warmth.

Our Mouton pieces have been tested under extreme conditions. The US Army and Navy built Ice Camp Sargo on the pack ice of the Arctic Ocean, 200 miles North of Alaska. They reported to us that temps of -20F/-29C with wind chill of -50F/-46C are no problem for the Mouton garments.

One of the defining characteristics of WeatherWool Fabric is breathability, which is vital for a garment designed for active wear. The Mouton pieces, including this Jacket, are not designed for active wear. Because the leather of the Mouton pelt is windproof, this Jacket does not breathe. Therefore, even in extremely low temperatures, you need to be very careful not to overheat, which will immediately cause moisture to build up inside the Jacket. Riding, sitting and strolling are fine. 

These Jackets are Made to Order.  Placing an online order is a good start, but we will also need to speak. For sizes XSmall, XXSmall, and larger than 3XLarge, please phone.

The WeatherWool Mouton Jacket features Natural Mouton Lamb Fur which is incredibly plush
Seriously plush Mouton Lining

WeatherWool Mouton Jacket in Solid Duff Color
Closeup of the Mouton Jacket in Solid Duff Color

WeatherWool Mouton Jacket in Development
It's really great during development when we feel like
I love Debby's image in the mirror, too.


Closeup of the Collar and Hood of the WeatherWool Mouton Jacket in Lynx Pattern and Spice Brown Mouton Fur
Closeups of the Stove-Pipe Collar and Optional Mouton Hood
WeatherWool Mouton Jacket and Mouton Hood Closeup

 WeatherWool Mouton Jacket from the Side.  Cargo pockets and elbow patches are optional
Here is the Mouton Jacket in Solid Drab Color.
This photo shows the extra length in the back.
Also shown is one of the optional types of pockets.
In this picture is a cargo pocket with flaps, and a hardwarmer
pocket underneath the cargo pocket.
The standard design has no cargo pockets, and slash handwarmer pockets.

Paperwork needed to make the WeatherWool Mouton Jacket

The CUTTER'S MUST presents the information the
Tailors need to put the Jacket together.


Care and Cleaning

Details about WeatherWool Construction

17 September 2017