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Mouton Hood

Mouton Hood

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The Mouton Hood is made to order, usually to accompany a Mouton Vest or Mouton Jacket, but it can also be paired with the All-Around Jacket because the same button attachment system is used for all three Jackets.

Usually the Hood would match the main piece, but that is up to you.The Mouton Hood is made with our FullWeight Wool Fabric on one side, and Mouton Fur on the other, and is reversible, although it doesn't seem anyone ever wears is with the fur on the outside.

The Hood offers a button closure in front. Drawstrings enable the Hood to be snugged to the head.

The Hood is large and the flaps fasten in the front, just under the chin. There are draw cords at the sides that can pull the Hood down and in closer to the head.

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 21 March 2019