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Roswell Wool

Roswell Wool, of Roswell, New Mexico, is one of the oldest, most-respected and  largest wool warehouse in the USA. Roswell specializes in the storage and auction of America's highest-quality raw wool. (Raw wool, also known as 'greasy', is unprocessed wool as sheared from the sheep.)

Mike Corn, a partner and manager at Roswell, has been a key Advisor to WeatherWool since long before we made our first Fabrics.

It was sometime in 2010 or maybe even 2009 when we first spoke with Mike Corn, and Alex and I visited Roswell Wool in February of 2011. At the time, we had only an inkling of how important to us Mike and Roswell would become.

WeatherWool has very specific (some say extreme) requirements for the greasy wool we purchase for processing into our Fabric. We therefore can only purchase greasy after evaluation of thorough and precise testing.

Roswell is among the handful of American facilities with the equipment and personnel to properly sample 700 pound (318 kg) bales of greasy. It is critical that the lab receives a sample that faithfully represents all the wool in all the bales of any given lot of wool.

Roswell sends the wool to the testing lab, and publishes the test results to prospective buyers, including WeatherWool. Upon consultation with Mike and Advisor Bob Padula, WeatherWool will either bid on the lots of interest at auction, or arrange a private sale in advance of the auction.

Almost all our purchases of greasy have been made with the assistance and  advice of Mike Corn/Roswell. All of our purchases have been made with the advice of Bob Padula.

We work with and rely upon the services and products of a large number of Vendors and Advisors ... the first of all of these were Mike Corn / Roswell Wool and Bob Padula. Please click to visit our Partner Relations page.


8 July 2023 --- Ralph