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[I'm just starting this page ... it's mostly just a placeholder at this point.]

In 2012, Material Technology and Logistics wove the first Fabric that met our Hardcore Luxury® specifications ... the first WeatherWool® Fabric. And MTL has woven all our Fabric ever since. THANK YOU Mike Hillebrand (founder and owner) and everyone at MTL!!

MTL is a customized weaver, mostly serving the furniture and upholstery industry. This huge market has some very specific needs for both performance and appearance. I'd never thought about it before, but upholstery obviously needs to be very comfortable against the skin, but also tough enough to withstand the abrasion of years of use.

MTL is presently weaving our next batch of Fabric ... we have about 2200 yards coming ... enough for about 700 garments.

We hope to visit Mike and his team in the next week or so.


18 July 2010