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Greasy Wool

Raw Wool ... that is, wool as it is shorn from the sheep, is called Greasy Wool because it has such a high content of Wool Grease, from which Lanolin is refined.

The WeatherWool Fabric Production Process begins with the extremely careful selection of the highest-quality American Merino and Merino-Variant Greasy (Raw) Wool, purchased directly from Family Ranchers with whom WeatherWool personally interacts. WeatherWool relies on the aid of Advisors Mike Corn and Bob Padula in this process, which is intermediated by Roswell Wool of New Mexico, of which Mike Corn is a partner.

There is a bunch more stuff to write about Greasy ... for example, even the raw wool we purchase isn't entirely raw because we purchase only the prime parts of the best fleece ... the wool shorn from the belly, lower legs, face and private parts of the sheep are removed from the fleece prior to our purchase. One Rancher told me he shears the inferior parts of the fleece in a completely separate shearing -- and then removes this wool from his ranch! -- before he shears the prime parts!!

I will include more info on this page eventually, but I have added it here very quickly, more or less on-the-fly, because I realized I mentioned Greasy Wool in various places on this website and should really be able to link to a page with thorough info.

6 December 2020 --- Ralph