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About Us

WeatherWool is a sheep-to-shirt (-to-shepherd!) manufacturer of pure-American, premium wool Fabric and garments.  We are a family business located in South Orange, New Jersey, near the Garment District of New York City.   Visit us anytime by Appointment in South Orange, NJ (call  973.761.1776)

After more than 10 years selling woolens from other manufacturers, we knew there were improvements to be made. Years of input from our customers gave us the confidence that best-made garments were needed and would be appreciated.

Our Fabric, the result of three years of development, is both high-performance and luxurious, and is the basis of WeatherWool. Many people think of us as a fabric company that makes clothes.  

We operate out of our old home, where we have our showroom.  You are invited to stop by - just please call ahead. Come and try things on, or chat about wool. We love this stuff!  We work pretty much 24/7, which is both the curse and the blessing of doing business from home.

Give us a call anytime. We love hearing from international callers, but we speak only English (sorry). If you prefer Spanish, call Alex, whose wife, Cecy, is from Mexico. The country-code for USA is +1.

Office: 973-761-1776;
Ralph: 973-943-3110;
Alex: 862-849-8250;

Although we have friends in many countries, we are very passionate about being American-made.  Every bit of WeatherWool is from the USA - wool, processing, notions, labels, labor. And we can prove it.

We offer a No-Risk Guarantee on our garments.  If it fits well, test it hard in the outdoors, in any activity, to see what great wool can do!  If you are not satisfied, send it back for complete refund.

We also run, which pre-dates WeatherWool and was really the first step along the path that eventually led to WeatherWool. We really don't have time for Alex Outdoors anymore -- too busy with WeatherWool -- but Alex Outdoors offers base layers, which, until WeatherWool begins to make its own base layers, are extremely important.  Alex Outdoors also offers Axes made by individual artisan blacksmiths ... we love axes, and really that's the only reason to keep handling them. Besides wool, we love great steel, wood and leather ... and Axes have all three of those. Plus, just about every WeatherWool customer also loves a great ax.

Thanks for checking us out.

The WeatherWool Team 


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18 September 2018