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WeatherWool North Maine Double Jacket ... Prototype ... Two Layers, Merino Jacquard Pure Wool Fabric
WeatherWool North Maine Double Jacket ... Prototype ... Two Layers, Merino Jacquard Pure Wool Fabric
North Maine Double Coat
North Maine Double Coat
North Maine Double Coat
DutchWareGear is your Go-To Source for Hammock Camping Supplies, and WeatherWool gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Proprietor Dutch Ressler in developing for us Custom Slot Buttons in Titanium and Bronze!
North Maine Double Coat

North Maine Double Coat


Status Note: We are developing the North Maine Double Coat. We have thought about the NMDC for a long time. After some fiddling with other Fabrics, we are making now the first NMDC in WeatherWool Fabric.

We are hoping to offer the NMDC at $2150.

The NMDC has the lines of a car coat or an overcoat, but because it is made from two layers or our FullWeight Fabric, will withstand some frightful conditions, although it will also be OK for low levels of activity in mild weather. Another true Hardcore Luxury piece!

The NMDC was originally suggested by Advisor Mike Dean, who is from North Maine. In early 2019, Mike took a solo camping-hiking trip that covered 217 miles (349 km) in temperatures as low as -42F/-41C. During his weeks on the trail, he had no communications and nobody really knew where he was. So he needs to be extremely serious about his gear!

You can indicate interest in the NMDC now by placing an order (price of 0). Before we go to actual production, we will contact you, and you can cancel, change or confirm your order. We'll be happy to hear your design ideas anytime. Please click for more information on Backorders, items In Stock Now and Production Status

When development is finished, the NMDC will probably be a bespoke piece ... that is, we expect to make only what is spoken for in advance.

Anyone who orders in time to be included in our initial run will get a lower, pre-production price.   After development is finished and the first batch is being made, I'm estimating the ongoing price at $2150. Tailoring costs are extremely high for individual pieces or sample runs (less than about 24).  We hope to keep the pre-production order price to $1900, but that will depend upon a lot of variables. Size 3X will be priced higher. If you think you may need a size larger than 3X, please get in touch directly. 

The North Maine Double Coat will feature:

  • Two layers of our Full-Weight Wool everywhere, covering the entire body and arms
  • Car-coat length,  potentially with a small slit at the bottom rear
  • Cargo Pockets between the two layers of wool in front of the Jacket. We are aware some people want the NMDC more for dress wear than work and woods wear, so the Cargo Pockets, except for the flap over the top, will not be visible from the outside. And because the Cargo Pockets will be in the space between the two layers of the Jacket, they won't add bulk.
  • Pouch-style Handwarmer Pockets with slash entry at about 90 degree angle. The Handwarmer pockets will be between the two main layers of the NMDC,   
  • Heavy-duty center-front double zipper protected by a Storm Flap.  The Flap will be secured by custom Slot Buttons made from either Bronze or Titanium. Bronze and Titanium Buttons are shown in the photos at left. We are working on both Titanium and Bronze, as seen at left. BIG THANKS to Advisor Christian Christian, who put us in touch with his friend Dutch Ressler, proprietor of DutchWare Gear, where our Custom Slots are being developed and manufactured.
  • Drawstring to snug the waist -- maybe
  • Secure, zippered Napoleon-entry inside pockets for electronics, etc. There will be one inner pocket at each side of the chest, and one behind each handwarmer pocket
  • Stovepipe collar that can protect the face up to about the chin if you hunch your shoulders
  • MAYBE the back of the collar will have three buttons to accept the optional Double Hood
  • In size Large, the NMDC will weigh about 10 pounds (4.5 kilos). A very serious and heavy coat!!

Although the selection menu offers sizes, we don't yet offer specific sizing for the NMDC. Nothing is carved in stone now, including of course any orders placed in advance of final design.

Please give us your ideas. Below are a couple of photos of the first prototype, which was made with some semi-orange (NOT one of our colors and NOT our Fabric either!) wool fabric that is suitable for a muslin prototype. Next prototype WILL be made from our own Fabric. But these protos show the details of the NMDC better than the photos at left. We've already decided (as described above) to change the Cargo Pockets and add Handwarmer Pockets

Prototype of the WeatherWool North Maine Double Jacket, made in fine Melton, but not yet far enough along in development to use WeatherWool FullWeight Fabric

This fabric is not WeatherWool and we are using it only for prototypes.
And this is not a WeatherWool color, either!!

Also shown at left are a few photos of Advisor JR Morrissey, who is helping us design the NMDC. These photos were taken on the balcony outside JR's studio in the Garment District of New York City. The jacket is big on JR, and he is wearing the same semi-orange proto shown above, but Denali photoshopped the Black and Drab colors because I don't like the orange!

Sizing the North Maine Double Coat

THANKS -- Ralph, Debby, Alex, Denali


13 September 2023 --- Ralph


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