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Neck Gaiter
Neck Gaiter
Neck Gaiter
Neck Gaiter
Neck Gaiter
Neck Gaiter
Neck Gaiter

Neck Gaiter


Neck Gaiters are sold out for now. We hope to ship them again in 2024.  You can place a no-obligation backorder at a price of 0 to indicate interest. We expect the Gaiters to be $110.

Our Neck Gaiter is a Scarf, a Gaiter, a Balaclava, Voyageur-Style Toque, Watch Cap and Leg- or Arm-Warmer in one. The knitting enables the Gaiter to stretch to whatever size is needed, without squeezing, but at the same time the Gaiter still springs back to its original size and shape when taken off. It is significant that the "spring" of the Gaiter causes it to protect the entire neck and not collapse and just sort of pile-up at the bottom of the neck.

Neck Gaiters are knitted, not woven, and therefore very different from our other products, from the beginning of the product cycle through completion. We start with American, very fine, pure Merino, but the sourcing and processing are separate and different, and the resulting yarns and products have important differences. For example, the Gaiters are machine washable.


Our Neck Gaiter Features:

  • The Gaiter is a tube that measures 42 inches by 9.5 inches (107 cm by 24 cm) when laid out flat. Of course, it would be twice as wide if it were not a tube. So there is quite a bit of wool
  • Made of fine (lace weight) 19-micron pure-American Merino worsted wool Knit for maximum dead air space and great stretch and spring, without any synthetic elastic
  • Opened ends for 6 inches at top and bottom of tube for more chest coverage when doubled as a Gaiter or balaclava
  • Machine washable and dryable. Please note that our other products, except for the Watch Cap, are all woven and not knitted and cannot be treated this way without risk of shrinkage
  • The Gaiter is easily packable


Off Label Uses:

  • Advisor Michael Anderson showed us how to turn the Gaiter into a Voyageur-style Toque
  • Some more off-label uses, from another long-term Military Vet and outdoorsman: pillow; seat cushion (better than a cold rock!); foot warmers; handwarmers; bath towel (I don't understand that one, because the Gaiter won't absorb water the way a towel should)
  • Here are another couple of uses from a USMC Vet (THANKS, TJ!): "Good morning y'all and happy Saturday!! I am out camping and found another use for the neck gaiter! Works great to wrap a dehydrated meal bag in as you let it rehydrate for 20 mins ! And wow is it still piping hot after 40 mins wrap up." TJ also told us the Gaiters help keep drinks cold
  • Tim L from North Carolina pointed out that one layer of the Gaiter makes serviceable sunglasses! Also, the amount of light filtered out by the wool can be adjusted by stretching the Gaiter more, or less. THANKS TIM!!
  • Callie Russell, contestant on History Channel's ALONE survival competition, told us the Gaiter can also be used as a kidney warmer and as a skirt!

The Neck Gaiters weigh 6.6 ounces (190 grams)

Neck Gaiters are currently sold out. More Neck Gaiters are expected by November 2022

  • If you would like to make the gaiter smaller, wash, gentle cycle with cool water, and dry on gentle heat
  • If eventually the Gaiter's knit relaxes more than you want, you can tighten it up by machine washing gently. If that doesn't bring it in enough, you can put in clothes dryer on gentle
  • Please click here for more pictures and details about our knitted items and components ... Gaiters and Watch Caps, plus the Cuffs of our Hooded Jackets
  • Our Neck Gaiters were knitted by Tailored Industry of Brooklyn, New York. Their Whole Garment® Shima Seiki knitting machines create a seamless 3D knit with a very clean finish. These leading-edge knitting machines, when production is really properly tuned, virtually eliminate waste through their pull-based system, creating less than 1% excess material during the production of each Gaiter.

Please click these links for info on Backordering, our Production Status or a snapshot of our overall Inventory.


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15 November 2023 --- Ralph, Debby, Alex, Denali


The REVIEW feature below, which enables anyone to publish a review, was added in March of 2022, when the Caps had been sold out for a while.  There is another page, linked above, for Reviews previously sent to us.

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