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WeatherWool Drab hunting pants have generous gusset pockets
WeatherWool Pants
WeatherWool FullWeight Lynx Pants, camo camo
WeatherWool Drab hunting pants have double seat
Drab Double Hood, Wool Hunting pants, All Around Jacket

WeatherWool Pants

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Available in FullWeight and MidWeight Fabrics

Warm and tough and comfortable, our Pants will protect your legs in a wide variety of conditions. WeatherWool Fabrics are soft and comfortable enough to be worn against the skin without long johns ... and warm enough that most do not wear long johns, even with MidWeight Pants, unless temps are below freezing.  These Pants, particularly the MidWeight Pants, can also be worn fairly comfortably in warm weather -- even above room temperature -- during low-level activity.

  • Wide 2-inch Belt Loops and side Cinches 
  • Two generously-sized hand-warmer pockets.   These pockets are wool near the top, where the hands are likely to be, and are reinforced with a wool-nylon blend at the bottom, to help withstand the rough edges of keys.
  • Rear pocket on the right with zippered closure and flap
  • Cargo pockets with large zippered bellows at the rear and at the bottom and flap closure. The leading edge of the cargo pocket is sewn flat against the leg.
  • Doubled seat
  • Inseam 35 inches
  • Overlock stitched pants' hem (merrowed).  We recommend you wear them before hemming (and not to cut fabric)
  • Extra-long front zipper
  • Gusseted crotch that permits freedom of movement
  • Size 34 FullWeight Pants weigh 3 lbs 7 oz  (1.6 kg); MidWeight Pants 2 lbs 6 oz ( 0.9 kg)
  • Please note: the Pants are designed to be worn with a belt. Without a belt, they may hang too low and restrict motion.
  • Generously cut

We won't have any Duff Pants until we make another production run. And we are almost completely sold out of the MidWeight ... we still have MidWeight Pants in sizes 28, 40, 42 only. We will make more MidWeight and Duff Pants, but we are not sure when. Might not be until 2018.


Details about WeatherWool Construction

Care and Cleaning

30 October 2017