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Quality Control Anorak


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Revision 13, 16 February 2023


Turn Anorak inside-out

  • Inspect all Fabric for faults
  • Inspect all seams
  • Make sure chest pockets sewn to body properly


Turn Anorak outside-out

  • Overall stitching, every seam, flat and secure
  • Hood sewn to the shoulders securely … caught well along entire seem (latest Anoraks have one-piece Hood-Body construction!)
  • Hood Adjustment at back of Hood sewn in well and working well, enabling full peripheral vision. Buckle needs to be offset -- positioned at seam
  • Hood Adjustment in front -- pull cords sewn in well (pull to test)
  • Hood Adjustment Barrel clip anchor loops sewn well (this was older Anoraks)
  • Hood Adjustment Barrel clips working (“popped” open) and tested (older Anoraks)
  • Hood Adjustment Barrel Clips “Pull Tabs” are properly secured (older Anoraks)
  • Four front placket Slot Buttons sewn in properly and button holes sized properly
  • Chest Zippers sewn properly and Zippers working smoothly
  • Chest Zippers lie flat inside besoms
  • Inner chest pockets sewn well (each side plus cell-phone sub-pocket on left) … insert fingers
  • Waist band adjustment channel sewn properly
  • Waist band adjustment working properly … cord and barrel clips.
  • Waist band barrel clips adjustment sewn down properly with pull tabs sewn to barrel clips properly
  • Front pouch sewn properly
  • Organizer strip inside pouch sewn properly and double-stitched
  • Front Pouch Slot Buttons and button holes sewn properly
  • Front Pouch Buttons/Holes aligned properly.  Button the Pouch closed for shipping.
  • Left and right Side zippers sewn and working properly
  • Side zippers proper length for garment size
  • Left and right zipper pull tabs sewn securely to riders
  • Left and right side flap stay-tabs sewn securely
  • Left and right buttons (two buttons on each side) that secure stay-tabs sewn securely
  • Left and right stay-tabs (two on each side) accept buttons properly
  • Inner pouch sewn well
  • Inner pouch zipper working well
  • All five labels sewn properly to inner pouch
  • Cuff flap sewn properly on each arm
  • Cuff flap buttonhole on each side accepts all buttons
  • Cuff adjustment buttons (three of them) sewn securely on each side
  • Measure chest to verify actual size matches tag


As of revision date at top --- Ralph, Debby, Alex, Denali