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Out of Stock and Customs Garments

What happens if you order something that is out of stock or a custom/bespoke (made-to-order) item?

  • We don't charge for standard garments until we ship -- unless the customer really really wants to pay in advance for some reason. Please click here for information about how online ordering works
  • If you've ordered a custom item, we will need 50% non-refundable deposit. We'll discuss your exact needs (sizing and timing) and figure out how to proceed. Please click for more information about custom items
  • If we can't ship immediately, we'll contact you right away and decide with you what to do next. We can review possible substitute items; put you on the waiting list; cancel your order, or maybe something else

As of this writing, except for Anoraks and Custom Pieces, we do not anticipate making more stock until we first make more Fabric (a long and lengthy process), which will probably take us until the Fall of 2019.

15 October 2018