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Melissa Groo

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Renowned Wildlife Photographer Melissa Groo (@MelissaGroo) has been wearing WeatherWool since late December, 2018. On 19 April 2019, Melissa posted on Instagram her thoughts about WeatherWool:

I’m a big believer in giving props where props are due. And I have no interest in being a shill. The companies I mention are ones I wholeheartedly believe in, partly because I trust and respect the people behind them. In most cases, I have met and spent time with them. Which brings me to @WeatherWool. If you swipe, you’ll see me wearing their wool anorak in lynx. I frequently shoot in cold environments. I live in a cold place. The 3 birds pictured here, I photographed in very cold temps: a Snowy Owl I stumbled on not far from my home one winter, and sat near in the snow for an hour; a King Eider in Utqiagvik, AK in a pond on the windy, frozen tundra; and Sandhill Cranes in NE, photographed from a blind with @summitworkshops. But I HATE being cold and feel like I am always battling it. So I was thrilled to discover @WeatherWool last year. It’s owned and run by the DiMeo family, and I spent a day with them at their NJ hq. I learned that their clothing is made of the highest grade Rambouillet Merino wool, woven on a 3D Jacquard Loom, and that it took them three years of experimenting to come up with the exact quality they wanted. I found it was the softest, finest wool I’d ever felt and not itchy at all. Every detail is exquisite: each button, pocket, seam. Every piece is made, every process happens, in the U.S.. I’ve been testing out a few items: my faves are the Anorak I’m wearing in last pic, and the ShirtJac. The warmth and comfort are like nothing else I’ve ever worn. I’m a big fan.

Note that though they don’t pay anyone to use WeatherWool, they do have Advisors, who rank as the most hardcore outdoor people out there. And they outfit the US Military Special Forces.

Is it expensive? Heck, yea! It’s heirloom quality, and will last a lifetime, not wear out after 1 or 2 yrs, like Smartwool or other brands. It’s truly the most lovingly, carefully made clothing I’ve ever worn. Ralph, Debby and their kids will give you the best customer service you could ever hope for. They even offer a full refund if you don't think their wool is the best you've had your hands on. Check out their IG feed and website. You can also order free samples! 
Hardcore luxury at its best!"

Renowned Wildlife Photographer Melissa Groo is very happy with her WeatherWool, and has posted her testimonial on her Instagram account, which is quoted here.

25 May 2019