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Melissa Groo, Wildlife Photographer
WeatherWool Advisor Melissa Groo is a world-renowned Wildlife Photographer
Melissa Groo, Wildlife Photographer

Melissa Groo, Wildlife Photographer

Melissa Groo, Wildlife Photographer, Wildlife Biographer

Ithaca, New York, and worldwide
Instagram: @melissagroo

Represented by @natgeoimagecollection
Melissa's work can also be seen at Outdoor Photographer.

Specialties: Wildlife Photography in all (strictly natural) conditions; Biographer; Educator; Writer; Conservationist

Melissa’s passion for educating people about Nature’s marvels shines in her remarkable Instagram posts. She considers herself equally a wildlife biographer and wildlife photographer … telling stories through her photography. Her mission is “to raise awareness and change minds about not only the extrinsic beauty of animals, but also their intrinsic worth.”

Melissa never uses any sort of artificial aid in her work … no caged animals (!!!!!!!!), no baits, no automatic cameras, no scents or animal calls, and no modification to the environment (such as trimming brush). Melissa works at a distance from her subjects so as to minimize any influence on their behavior.

Please click here to read Melissa’s review of WeatherWool (the text of her first Instagram post about WeatherWool).




26 May 2019