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Here's a list of countries and places where WeatherWool has been ... either we have shipped garments there, or people have told us they wore WeatherWool there, or both. And WeatherWool has been on all seven continents.

In January 2020, a customer had an 8-day ski trip in Antarctica.  Among his highly specialized gear were a Mouton Hat and Neck Gaiter, which he wore mostly during rest periods while skiing from 89 degrees South Latitude to the Absolute South Pole. Rob is posting about this intense trip on Instagram. We're just glad Rob and the group made it to the South Pole (HOORAY!) and then home safely. Strong winds, temps typically at -15F to -20F (about -28C) and the location itself make such a journey very difficult and dangerous. My hat is off to to all involved!

This Antarctic trip reminds me of another polar outing ... A professional who tests gear for the US Army gave us a great review from Ice Camp Sargo on the pack ice of the Arctic Ocean. And actually, I'm almost certain that Military people have worn WeatherWool in at least a few countries that are not listed on this page.

I need to add a lot more clickable links below for photos of WeatherWool in these countries. If you can add to our list, please let us know!! ... If you have photos, please send them! Debby says hearing about where our garments go makes her feel kind of like our children are traveling the world!! --- Thanks --- Ralph & Debby

  1. Afghanistan -- The Military has asked me not to reproduce the photos they've sent from Afghanistan
  2. Antarctica (not really a country, but ...)
  3. Argentina -- Advisor Don Nguyen summits Mount Aconcagua
  4. Australia
  5. Austria
  6. Bolivia (in the jungle!)
  7. Bulgaria
  8. Cambodia
  9. Canada -- Lot of pictures and some Advisors from Canada!
  10. Chile
  11. China
  12. Cuba
  13. Czech Republic
  14. Denmark
  15. Ecuador
  16. Egypt
  17. England
  18. Estonia
  19. Finland
  20. France
  21. Germany
  22. Greece
  23. Greenland (an autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark)
  24. Hong Kong (technically part of China, but a separate system!)
  25. Hungary
  26. Iceland
  27. Iraq
  28. Ireland
  29. Israel
  30. Italy
  31. Japan
  32. Jordan
  33. Kyrgyzstan
  34. Lithuania (headed for Lithuania, anyway, late January 2020)
  35. Malta
  36. Mexico
  37. Morocco (please see note below)
  38. Nepal
  39. Netherlands
  40. New Zealand
  41. Norway
  42. Peru
  43. Philippines
  44. Poland
  45. Romania
  46. Singapore
  47. Somalia
  48. South Africa
  49. South Korea
  50. Spain
  51. Sweden
  52. Switzerland
  53. Syria
  54. Taiwan
  55. Turkey
  56. USA
  57. Wales
  58. Zimbabwe

*Morocco: We have gotten orders from Morocco that were flagged as potential fraud. For one of those orders, the shipping and billing addresses matched. So we fulfilled that order because we didn't want to refuse to ship to the entire country (as we had been advised!). A few months after shipping, a bank in Morocco, operating as Mastercard, reversed the charges, writing that the evidence of fraud was "convincing". But the "customer" and the bank did not respond to phone calls or emails, and the wool was not returned. Going forward, we will fill orders from Morocco and numerous other "high fraud risk" countries only if payment is made in advance by Western Union ... it's great there is a way to serve the many fine folks who live in countries where credit card frauds are widespread and the legitimacy of honest transactions is difficult to confirm from here in the USA.

One kind of funny thing is that we often get requests for Free Fabric Samples prior to getting an actual order for garments. I feel it doesn't really count unless an actual garment has been there. It's like when someone asks "Have you been in ..." and you have, but only in the airport to change flights. Does that count? So here are places we've sent Sample Books ...

  • Dubai
  • Wallis & Futuma ... I added Wikipedia link because I'd never heard of this place until the Sample request!


16 November 2020 --- Ralph